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2-Day Flagger Instructor Training

The Flagger Instructor training course is a two-day course limited to 15 students.  The course is designed to prepare qualified persons to present standardized training to those who wish to become registered flaggers.  Participants will receive basic training in fundamental concepts of work zone traffic control.  In addition, adult training techniques will be presented, discussed, and demonstrated.  The participants will practice training techniques as well as flagging procedures. 

Training will be held at:

CDOT Region 1 Headquarters
18500 E. Colfax Avenue
Aurora CO 80011 US

In the Plains Conference Room.

In order to become a Flagger Instructor, a student must pass the FIT course with an 80% or better.  In addition, For Colorado applicants; students must complete and pass ATSSA’s Traffic Control Technician and ATSSA’s Traffic Control Supervisor training courses with an 80% or better within six months of the FIT course.  Students who pass the FIT course have the option of being listed on the national database.

If you have any questions regarding this course, and would like to sign up please contact Natasha Crayton at 303-757-9187. Please respond before April 18th as credentials need to be verified by ATSSA prior to class.  Payment would also be made directly to ATSSA.

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