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Apr 2 NHPP 1602-169 (22422R) ~ This project is located in Region 5 in Rio Grande county.  This project is on US highway 160 between MP 174.38 & 185.  The work consists of a 1” HMA leveling course, 1.5” overlay, guardrail replacement, concrete curbing, and shoulder work.  Replacement of faded sign panels along with inlaid stripping.  Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. Pending
STR 092A-030 (23331) ~ This project is located in Region 3 in Delta & Montrose counties.  This project is on SH 92 beginning at MP 31.748 going east to MP 48.5.  The project consists of surface treatment with a 1” HMA leveling with fiber with a 1.5” HMA overlay.  Guardrail replacement throughout the project Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. Pending
IM 0761-226 (21432) ~ This project is located in Region 4 in Weld County. Work consists of constructing two roundabouts, ramp realignment, bridge widening, signals, embankment, and concrete pavement. Other work includes sidewalk, curb and gutter, drainage pipe and various utility relocation. CastleRock Construction Co. of Colorado Pending
STA 340A-021 (21936)~ This project is located in Region 3 in Mesa county.  This project consists of full depth reclamation, shoulder widening, crown adjustment, and cross slope correction from MP 6.05 to 6.5.  A 2” HMA overlay from MP 6.5 to Independence Valley Drive.  Replacement of culvert with two 30inch pipes and existing driveway. KSK, LLC Pending
MTCE R300-259 (23414) ~ This project located in Region 3 in several counties.  This project will consist of refreshing existing crosswalks, stop bars, word and symbol pavement markings with inlaid preformed thermoplastic material. Highways will include United States Highway (US) 40A & Z, and State Highways (SH) 13A & B, 82A Over Budget Under Review Pending
MTCE R300-258 (23413) ~ This project is located in Region 3 in several counties.  Work shall consist of the removal, supply and application of epoxy pavement marking and preformed thermoplastic word / symbol and crosswalk stencils as designated by the Engineer and in the tabulation of pavement markings on all roundabouts on state highways within region 3 and the diverging diamond on Highway 70B; highways will include 6D, 6E, 6K, 9C, I-70A ramps, I-70 B, F, and G, 82A, 133A, and 340A. All pavement markings and stencils shall be ground to create a recessed groove as indicated in the detailed quantity spreadsheet. A small quantity of contrast stop bar / crosswalk thermoplastic will be required for the roundabouts in Eagle, as shown on the detailed stencil quantity table Over Budget Under Review  Pending
STR 0341-101 (22557) ~ this project is located in Region 3 in Grand county.  Rural Road Resurfacing project along SH 34 in Granby, mile marker 0 to 15, includes full width overlay with many access roadways and driveways, compacted shoulder gravel as well as type 3 guardrail replacement and striping. In conjunction with safety improvements to the intersection of SH 34 and US 40. US 40 limits will be between mile marker 210.9 to 211.25 and will include a pavement overlay and new pavement markings Kilgore Companies, LLC dba Elam Construction Pending
Mar 27 GR 101-20 Invitation for Bid (IFB) ~ This is Two Step bid solicitation for providing on call guardrail repair and replacement services for all Regions under a task order contracting process.  Please click on the link provided above to access the complete bid solicitation document for these services. Bids Rejected N/A
Mar 26 NH 050A-034 (22079) ~ This project is located in Region 2 in Pueblo county.  Project will include construction of a new interchange and structure with corresponding roadway work at Purcell Blvd, widening of westbound US 50 between Purcell Blvd and Pueblo Blvd, and construction of a pond within the interchange footprint. Work will include removal of asphalt mat, installation of drainage items, paving, resurfacing, signal removal and installation, ped improvements at McCulloch Blvd, traffic control, and other items as indicated in the plans and specs Kirkland Construction, LLP Pending
HPP 0501-067 (21471) ~ This project is located in Region 3 in Delta county.  This project is US50 and SH92 Delta intersection to conform with the City of Delta Access Control Plan. Award By Review Pending
MTCE R300-255 (23098) ~ This project is located in Region 3 over all counties.  The project is sign replacement.  This project will consist of removal and replacement of highway signs, posts, and bases on State Highways 50A from mile point (MP) 34.62 to 165.601 plus the frontage roads, on 50D from MP 0.0 to 1.539, 70E from MP 0.0 to 0.222, 91A from MP 0.0 to 22.605, 131A from MP 0.0 to 0.323, 131B from MP 0.053 to 68.721, 134A from MP 0.0 to 27.163, 317A from MP 0.0 to 12.237, and 550B from MP 117.514 to 130.209. Rejected - Over Budget N/A
SHE 0703-461 (23020) ~ This project is located in Region 1 in Jefferson county.  I-70 and Kipling north phase safety and operations improvement project.  Work includes placing embankment to widen the I-7- west bound off ramp for and additional right turn lane.  Installation of signs and traffic signal and stripping. Duran Excavating, Inc. Pending
Mar 5 NHPP 0171-105 (20626) ~ This project is located in Region 5 on SH 17 between mileposts 84.5 and 118.37 in both Alamosa and Saguache counties. The work consists of widening the existing roadway with earthwork, base course, and heating and remixing treatment. This work is followed with a 2.0" HMA overlay and shouldering. The project also has minor culvert extensions, traffic control, erosion control, signing, and striping. APC Southern Construction Co. Pending 
C 0641-106 (23407) ~ This project is located in Region 3 Rio Blanco county.  This is a surface treatment along SH64 between MP 43 to MP 61.  The work includes the placement of a 1” leveling and 1.5” overlay. Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. Bid Tab
NHPP 145A-080 (23000) ~ The project is located in Region 5 in San Miguel county.  This project is MP 71.51 to MP 84.24: overlay adjusting guardrail on Keystone Hill, and four culvert improvements at MP 77.11, MP 78.04, MP 79.98, MP 80.2 for debris flow mitigation.  Intersection improvements at CR 58P in sawpit. Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. Bid Tab
STR 2871-038 (22910) ~ This project is located in Region 2 in Baca county and will add two passing lanes on US 287 south of Springfield. A northbound passing lane will be between MP 3 and MP 5 and a southbound passing lane will be between MP 23 AND 25. The work includes excavation, removal of existing concrete and asphalt pavements, aggregate base course, concrete paving, signing, and striping. Castle Rock Construction Co. Bid Tab
NHPP 0502-082 (22554) ~ This project is located in Region 3 in Gunnison county.  This project is a chip seal project on US HWY 50 from MP 116.7 to 123.0 it starts again on MP 127.00 to MP139, then starts again on MP 154 to MP 156, then MP158.05 to MP 181.6. Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. Bid Tab
CC 080-030 (20955) ~ This project it located in Region 3 in Garfield & Mesa county.  This project is a culvert replacement in various locations. Bids Rejected  N/A
BR 025A-046 (22823) ~ This project is located in Region 2 in Pueblo county.  This project involves bridge removal of structure and construction of CBE structure and adding 2 lance SB I-25 detour removal of detour lane. Tezak Heavy Equipment Co. Inc. Bid Tab
STR R300-249 (22805) ~ This project is located in Region 3 in Grand & Jackson counties.  This project consists of improvements to bring existing curb ramps into compliance with PROWAG requirements. The work to be performed includes improvements to curb ramps, curb and gutter and sidewalks. Curb ramp replacements are located in various areas throughout the towns of Fraser, Granby, Hot Sulphur Springs, Kremmling, Walden and Winter Park.  KSK, LLC Bid Tab
CC 080-037 (23266) ~ This project is located in Region 3 in Mesa county.  This project includes updates to various curb ramps on North Avenue to reflect current standards. KSK, LLC Bid Tab
NHPP 0091-044 (21778) ~ The project is located in Summit county in Region 3.  The reconstruction of SH 9 between MP 94.8 to MP 96.15.  The project includes widening, noise walls, pedestrian underpass, pipe lining, signal replacement and round about construction at Water Dance Drive & 8th. SEMA Construction, Inc.  Pending
Feb 27 STR 0101-027 (22997) ~ The project is located in Otero county in Region 2.  SH 10 OVERLAY LA JUNTA WEST MP 46.6 TO 71.97. This project consists of 1.0" HMA leveling course, 1.5" HMA overlay and surgical repairs at selected locations. The project also includes roto-milling, bridge repair, placing shoulder material, seeding, mulching, removal and replacement of guardrail, removal and replacement of bridge rail, delineators, signing, rumble strips and striping. A&S Construction Co.  Bid Tab
NHPP 0702-359 (20934) ~ This project is located in Garfield county in Region 3.  The work included removal and replacement of tunnel lighting, replacement of drainage, and traffic control. Casper Electric, Inc. Bid Tab
C 0402-094  (21848) ~ This project is located in Region 3.  This project will replace the traffic signal equipment, signal poles and mast arms, and vehicle detection for 2 locations on US40 in Grand County, CO at MM 184.53 in Kremmling, and MM 212.06 in Granby. Other work includes pedestrian curb ramp replacement, signing and striping, and temporary traffic control. Casper Electric, Inc.  Bid Tab
NH 0242-085 (21903) ~ The project is located in El Paso county in Region 2.  Resurfacing from West of Chipita Park to West of Manitou on US 24. Limits are from M.P. 291.38 to M.P. 296.60. Resurfacing will include 2.25 Inches of milling and 2.25 Inches of Asphalt Pavement Overlay. Other work items include, replace 3 runs of guardrail, add or replace over 400 signs, replace the 2 curb ramps and paving on the island at Fountain Ave. in Cascade, replace and/or update all delineators, and replace a few runs of curb and gutter at the businesses on the west end of the project. Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. Pending
Feb 13 STR 116A-001 (23396) ~ SH116A MP 0 TO 32.3 – This project is located in Baca county in Region 2.   Resurfacing from MP 0 to MP 32.3. Resurfacing will include a 1 inch leveling course over the existing surface and a 1.5 Inch overlay. There will be no bridgework on this project. Other work items include, replacing guardrail, replacing delineators, sign replacement and at CR 33 culvert A & S Construction Co. Bid Tab 
MTCE R500-213 (23464) ~ The project is located in several counties in Region 5.  The project will be striping over existing pavement markings throughout the region on both asphalt and concrete pavement types. Straight Stripe Painting, Inc.  Bid Tab
FSA 2873-194 (22473) ~ This project is located in Region 4 in Boulder county.  The project includes three intersection improvements located on US 287. Duran Excavating, Inc. Bid Tab
STA 069A-033 (22254) ~ This project is located in Region 2 in Custer county.  Resurfacing from Westcliffe to Hillside on SH 69, MP 58.70 to MP 71.58. Resurfacing includes 2 inches of milling and 2 inches of asphalt pavement overlay in town of Wescliffe, MP 58.70 to MP 59.00. For the rest of the project, the resurfacing consists of 2.5 inches of asphalt pavement overlay. Other work includes replacing just under 7,000 linear feet of guardrail, adding/replacing over 150 signs, replacing all delineators, and Class 2 bridge deck repair with waterproofing membrane on two bridges. The project also includes 1/4 mile of restriping/adding bike lanes on SH 96 in Westcliffe, MP 0.0 to MP 0.26. A&S Construction Pending
Feb 6 NHPP 0852-116 (22600) ~ This project is located in Region 1 in Denver and Arapahoe counties.  The project improvements include resurfacing Santa Fe by diamond grinding the two mainline travel lanes of the NB and SB lanes from Hampden to Florida. The project also includes replacing damaged panels NB and SB, and a dowel bar retrofit on SB Santa Fe as indicated on the plans. The project also includes replacing bridge expansion joints on the Evans over Santa Fe bridge. There are a few ADA curb ramps needing replacement. There is little to no grading, no utility installation, and no landscaping American Civil Constructors, LLC Bid Tab
STA 0703-443 (21798) ~ This project is located in Region 1 in Clear Creek and Summit counties. Brannan Sand & Gravel, LLC Bid Tab
MTCE R300-257 (23278) ~  This is a Region wide project with work on I-70A (MM 0.0-75 & 125-213), Vail Frontage Road and other highways within Region 3 in several counties. Work to be completed includes removal of existing longitudinal pavement markings and replacement with inlaid, modified epoxy pavement markings. Roadsafe Traffic Systems, Inc. Bid Tab
SHE R100-339 (23432) ~ This project is located in Region 1 in several counties.  This project includes wrong way driving traffic control enhancement phase 1.  The work includes a signal ahead , and signing upgrades and pavement markings.  Rejected - Over Budget  N/A
NHPP 1602-169 (22422) ~ This project is located in Region 5 in Mineral and Rio Grande counties.  The project consists of HMA overlay, guardrail replacement, concrete curbing, aggregate shouldering, and replacement of faded signs.

Rejected- Per Bid Rules Section 4.11.2 of 2CCR 601-10 

ITS 0761-231 (22385) ~ This project is located in Morgan and Weld counties.  The project will be installing fiber optic backbone cable and four new camera on I-76 from Keenesburg to Wiggins. Dillie & Kuhn, Inc.  Bid Tab
NHPP 4701-134 (23279) ~ This project is located in Region 1 in Douglas county.  The work consists of multiple smaller pieces of work that have been removed from the ongoing C-470 Design Build Project. The contractor for this project will be required to not interfere or cause any delays to Flatiron Construction or any of their subcontractors. Hamilton Construction co. Bid Tab
STA 059A-036 (20518) ~ This project is located in Region 4 in Kit Carson & Washington counties.  This project Site 1 consists of overlaying the existing roadway with 2.5 inch of HMA from MP 41.07 to MP 59.5 and from MP 59.5 to MP 67.14 applying a 2 inch HMA leveling course followed by a 2.5 inch final overlay. McAtee Construction Co.  Bid Tab
Jan 30 STR 012A-050 (22983) ~ This project is located in Region 2 in Huerfano and Las Animas counties.  This is a Critical Culvert Repair project with 5 locations along I-25 between Walsenburg and Trinidad and 1 location on US 350 east of Trinidad. Sites will include various combinations of cleaning, inlet/outlet repair and spray applied culvert lining American West Construction, LLC Bid Tab
STR 141A-044 (21162) ~ This project is located in Region 5 in San Miguel and Montrose counties.   The project intends to perform Overlay / Leveling Course HMA Paving, Mill / Fill, Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), Shouldering, Guardrails Replacement, Center Line Rumble Strips and Striping. Locations and all other pertinent details for each of these work items are described in the Plans and Specifications. Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. Bid Tab
Jan 23 MTCE R200-261 (23350) ~ This project is located in Region 2 in El Paso county.  SH16 AT MP 0.4 JUST EAST OF I-25: Remove and replace concrete panels approaching J-18-BO structures on EB at SH 16. Plus, concrete panel replacement on both Northbound and Southbound I-25 by exit 101. Rejected - Over Budget N/A
NH 0503-093 (21839) ~ This project is located in Region 2 and in Fremont county. Work consist of surface treatment, bridge rehabilitation, and guardrail improvement work on US 50 from MP 250.7 to 260.9, in Fremont county. Salient features of the project include full-width mill & overlay of approximately 10.2 miles of mountainous rural highway, minor rehabilitation work on three structures within the project limits, and significant guardrail improvements including adjustments and removals/replacements APC Southern Construction Co.  Bid Tab
PWQ M240-172 (22794) ~ This project is located in Region 2 in El Paso county.  Work consists of constructing two extended detention basins, trenching, and drainage pipe. Redline Pipeline, LLC Bid Tab
Jan 16 BR 0343-040 (20865-Combo) ~ This project is located in Region 4 in Yuma county.  This project consists of replacement of existing timber bridges D-28-S and D-28-P over the north fork of the republican river. ZAK Dirt Inc. Bid Tab
STA 006A-067 (22468) ~ This project is located in Region 4 in Logan county.   This project consists of planing the existing asphalt mat and overlaying with the four inch of HMA in two lifts.  Work will also include HMA patching in highly distressed areas throughout the project and reshaping.  Pavement markings, rumble strips, and permanent pavement markings. McAtee Construction, Co.  Bid Tab
STR 131A-038 (21291) ~ This project is located in Region 3 in Routt county.   This project includes 1.5 inch HMA overlay with guardrail removal and replacement on SH 131.  Other work will include shouldering, striping, and delineators. Kilgore Companies, LLC. Bid Tab

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*In the event that less than three bidders propose on a project and the low apparent bidder is beyond the statutory limit above the engineer's estimate, the project will be reviewed and potentially may be awarded with the authorization of the Department's Executive Director.

Bid Tabs for all "AWARDED" projects above will be posted as soon as the Bid Tabs can be generated. 

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