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Mar 21

NHPP 0703-435 (21223) ~ EJMT 480V motor Control Center-  Project consists of removal and replacement of existing electrical equipment, conduit, wiring and associated electrical work.  This project is located in Clear Creek and Summit counties.  

10% over the Project Budget Pending

NHPP 0503-087 (20401) ~ Located on US 50 in Fremont county between MP 232.3 & 237.4.  This project consists of the addition of pullouts and passing lanes.  The work also includes drainage improvements, earthwork, aggregate base course, traffic control, erosion control, HMA paving, guardrail replacement, and signing &striping.

Award By Review Pending

SHE 0252-481 (22786) ~ This Project will consist of installation and/or reset of ramp metering at various locations in Region 1 along I-25 between MP180.55 and MP192.97. This project is located in Douglas county.

Sturgeon Electric Co. Pending

SHE R100-308 (22389R) ~ This project is located in Adams and Jefferson county.  The project consists of signal replacement, and safety upgrades in 6 locations.  

Award By Review Pending

SHE 0881-031 (22388) ~ This project is located in Denver county.  South Federal Raised Medians project. Construct raised median along South Federal Boulevard (SH 088A) from Alameda Ave. (MP 1.98) to Vassar Ave. (MP 4.80). Includes removal of pavement, curb and gutter, median cover material, signing and striping.

10% over the Project Budget  Pending

NHPP 2254-089 (20887) ~ This project is located on I-225 from I-25 to Parker Road. It consists of a 2.5" mill/fill with SMA, concrete paving, curb and gutter, median cover material, concrete curb ramps, guardrail, bridge deck rehab, bridge joint sawing and sealing, signal replacement, overhead sign replacement, signing and striping.

Brannan Sand & Gravel Pending
Mar 14

NHPP 0702-378 (21896) ~ I-70 beginning at MM 197.5, Officers Gulch, extending to MM 203.5, Frisco. Work will consist of mill and fill, full roadway and shoulder width in sections. Structure work including type 7 guardrail, type 10 bridge rail repair and replacement, approach slab and curb repair with minor concrete repair. Type 3 guardrail and end treatment. ADA ramps to be installed in two locations under overpass at Frisco Main Street Exit MM 201.

APC Southern  Pending

 NHPP 050A-033 (21927) ~ This project is located in Delta county and consists of highway profile milling and variable depth asphalt leveling, as well as a 2” overlay of HMA from M.P. 62.481 to 68.487.  It also includes full depth asphalt reclamation (FDR) at four locations within this project limits. Guardrail replacement, drainage improvements, delineation, and striping. 

Kilgore Companies, LLC dba Elam Construction Pending
Mar 7

NHPP 1601-073 (20325) ~ This project consists of alternating passing lanes between MM 27.75 and MM 29.75 in Montezuma count north of Towaoc.  The work includes; realignment of CR A and CR B, closure of CR21, waterline installation, slip-lining existing wooden structure, guardrail and end section installation, fencing, seeding, and striping. 

Oldcastle SW Group, Inc Pending

FBR 0253-247 (20999) ~ This project entails the demolition and replacement of structure B-16-EU with structure B-16-HC; a two span 210 foot bridge, 68 foot out to out width carrying Vine Drive (County Road 48) over I-25.  This project is located in Larimer County.

ZAK DIRT  Pending

MP R200-253 (22536) ~ In central Colorado at various work locations consisting of highway pavement marking (stencil) installations on various roadway surfaces along Highway 50A in Fremont and Pueblo Counties, Highway 285D in Park County, and Highways 21B, 24G, 94, 115 in and around Colorado Springs in El Paso County.

RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc.  Bid Tab

NHPP 006A-058 (20851) ~ This project is located on US 6 over Loveland Pass beginning approximately at MP 218.62 and extending for 11.18 miles north easterly.  Project included resurfacing, guardrail, and culvert work.  Project is located in Region 1 in Clear Creek and Summit counties.

APC Southern Construction Co. Bid Tab

C R100-315 (22581) ~ This project is located in Region 1 at various locations for upgrading 118 ADA Curb Ramp at various locations. Work includes sidewalk, curb & gutter, pedestrian push buttons and other work typically required in ADA curb ramps replacements. This project is located in Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Denver, and Jefferson counties.

*Award by Review Pending

SHE 2254-090 (22392R) ~ Traffic Signal improvements at Colfax & I-225 (both Ramp Terminals), Colfax & Chambers and I-70 & Tower (both Ramp Terminals), in the City of Aurora. Minor widening at the Colfax locations. ADA improvements, Signing and Striping at all locations. This project is located in Adams & Arapahoe counties. 

K.E.C.I. Colorado  Pending
Feb 21

NHPP 1601-076 (20686R) ~ This project is located on US 160 from MP 40.00 to MP 61.853 in both directions in Montezuma county.  This project consists of chipseal, surface treatment, striping, and micro surfacing. 

Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. Bid Tab

NHPP 070A-028 (21892) ~ This project constructs a new two lane vehicular bridge over Clear Creek which will connect Stanley RD to the fall River Road.  This project with include moment slabs, guardrail, roadway lighting, minor drainage improvements, and signing & striping.  This project is located in Clear Creek county.

SEMA Construction, Inc. Bid Tab

SHE R100-284 (21943) ~ This project consist of replacing the traffic signal equipment at three(3) locations, along with upgrading substandard curb ramps and modifying islands to accommodate operational improvements. The locations are in Broomfield, Boulder, and Jefferson Counties, specifically US 287 & Midway Blvd.,US 287 & 6th Ave., and SH 121 & Eldorado Blvd.

W.L. Contractors, Inc.  Pending
Feb 14

NHPP 145A-065 (20600) ~ This project is located in San Miguel county.  SH 145 Illium road to Deep Creek Road.  It includes widening to add uphill passing land and improve shoulders, includes reinforced soil slope wall, rockery retaining wall, guardrail installation, culvert replacement, concrete box culvert installation at Deep Creek, super elevation and crown improvement, signing and striping. 

Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. Bid Tab

NHPP 0741-022 (21796) ~ This project will resurfacing SH-74 from I-70 and extend approximately 2.0 miles to Bergen Pkwy. in Jefferson County, Colorado. This project will also install waterproofing membrane, remove and replace expansion joints, remove and replace damaged curb and gutter, upgraded curb ramps to ADA standards, and final signing and striping.

APC Construction Co. Bid Tab
Feb 7

NHPP 0821-107 (21200) ~ This project is a surface treatment project in Garfield County.  Along SH 82, with project limits from MP 1 to MP 13, and along US 6 from MP95 to MP 108.3. The project will treat US 6 w/a chip seal and SH 82 w/a mill and fill in the driving lanes.  The project also includes concrete curb ramp upgrades, guardrail replacement, striping, structure scour mitigation, and traffic control.

Grand River Construction Co. Bid Tab

NH 2871-035 (20908) ~ US 287 PASSING LANES SOUTH OF LAMAR. This project will add a new northbound passing lane from MP 50.8 to 52.1 and connect two northbound climbing lanes from MP 57.8 to 58.9. This work consists of removing existing concrete and asphalt pavements, concrete paving, aggregate base course, embankment, topsoil, native seeding, guardrail, and striping. This project is located in Powers county.

Castle Rock Construction Company of Colorado LLC Bid Tab

ITS SW01-638 (20982) ~ ETHERNET PHASE III. Located along US 50 between Canon City and Pueblo, along I-25 between Pueblo and Monument, along I-225 from Parker Rd to I-70 and along I-270. Major items include CCTV cameras, Ethernet switches, poles, cabinets and new power supplies. This project will be located in Adams, Arapahoe, El Paso, Fremont, and Pueblo counties.

Paonia, Inc. Bid Tab

MTCE R500-206 (22800) ~ Region-wide highway striping in Region 5. Match existing pavement markings with new white and yellow High Build Pavement Marking Paint.  This project is located in Alamosa, Chaffee, La Plata, and Montezuma counties.

Innovative Marking Systems, Inc. Bid Tab

SHE R100-308 (22389) ~ This project includes 6 signal replacements, safety upgrades, and geometric changes.  This project is located in Adams, Arapahoe, and Jefferson counties.

*Rejected Pending
Jan 31

ER 072A-040 (20334-COMBO) ~ The overall project consists of the permanent flood repairs along SH 72 in Coal Creek Canyon. The scope of the overall project includes culvert replacements, armoring of the banks of coal creek, HMA paving of a 4' westbound shoulder, traffic control, striping and signing, and mobilization to complete the final repair of the damage from the 2013 Colorado floods. This project is located in Boulder, Gilpin, and Jefferson counties.

M.A. Mortenson Co. Bid Tab

STA M086-075 (20789) ~ This project consist of replacing three (3) existing signals along SH96 (Lincoln Street) located at the intersections of Abriendo Ave, Evans Ave, and Orman Ave. The work includes, but not limited to, removal of existing traffic signal system, installation of new traffic signal and all associative equipment, replacement of existing ADA curb ramps, modification of existing median at Abriendo intersection to allow SB double left turn lane, and replacement of existing drainage system at Abriendo intersection. This project is located in Pueblo county.

Arrow Electric Service Inc.  Bid Tab

STA 067A-038 (21229) ~ This project is located in Douglas county.  SH-67 Resurfacing in Sedalia. 1.5 mile long 2" HMA mill & fill. Includes 2' widening for 500' in length to add a left turn lane from WB SH-67 to SB SH-105. Bridge repair work includes: Class 2 & 3 deck repair, water proofing membrane, bridge rail, and guardrail install/upgrade.

KIEWIT Infrastructure Co.  Bid Tab

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*In the event that less than three bidders propose on a project and the low apparent bidder is beyond the statutory limit above the engineer's estimate, the project will be reviewed and potentially may be awarded with the authorization of the Department's Executive Director.

Bid Tabs for all "AWARDED" projects above will be posted as soon as the Bid Tabs can be generated. 

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