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Low Bidder/Award Winner Bid Tabulation
December 6

STA 050A-028 (20751) ~ This project is located in Pueblo, CO along US 50C from 4th St. to Baxter Rd. The project consists of HMA Mill and Fill, Installing new ADA ramps and upgrading existing ADA ramps, new RCP Storm Sewer in the areas of Aspen St. - Carson St., 20th Lane - south of US 50C, anda short run of new storm sewer in an existing parking lot east of 20th Lane. Bridge work includes joint and crack sealant, polyurethane slab jacking, concrete pavement joint repair.

Tony J. Beltramo & Sons Inc. Pending

STR 112A-001 (21317) ~ On SH 112, from US 285 to SH 17, work consists of HMA leveling course, followed by HMA overlay, shouldering, concrete ramp, sidewalk, signing and pavement markings in Rio Grande, Alamosa, and Saguache counties.

APC Southern Construction Co. Pending 

NHPP R100-241 (20869) ~ This project is located in Adams, Clear Creek, Denver, and Jefferson counties of 9 bridges.  This project consists of repairing bride bearings for 3 bridges; abutment and bridge rail repair on a 4th bridge, sandblasting, painting, and crack sealing on a 5th bridge.  The project will include slope paving repair and debris removal on a 6th bridge. On the 7th bridge anchor bolt and spall repair.  This includes providing temporary support for various portions of these structures, new bearing devices, traffic control during the raising/lowering and public information. 

Hamilton Construction Co. Pending

IM 0253-268 (22703) ~ This project is located in Adams and Broomfield counties I-25:  120th(SH 128) to SH 66.   Completion of the SB and NB tolled express lane from 120th to E470.  Consisting of mainline overlay, new mash complain median barrier and lighting, and ITS and tolling. 

Graham Contracting LTD Pending

C 2873-192 (22442) ~ This project is in Larimer county.  US 34 and US 287 in Loveland ADA curb ramp repair and replacement to prowag standards.  

Can Do Concrete Construction Inc. Pending 
November 29

STU 1211-085 (20322) ~ This project is located on SH 121 (S. Wadsworth Blvd) beginning at Bear Creek MP 8.5 and extending north approximately 3.7 miles to W. 4th Ave. MP 12.28.  The project consists of 2.5 inch H.M.A. Resurfacing, curb ramp upgrades, adjusting manhole and valve boxes, cleaning inlets, constructing a pipe edge drain, and placing final signing and stripping.  This project is in Denver and Jefferson counties.

Martin Marietta Materials Pending

STR M331-007 (20790) ~ This project consist of either replacing or installing new ADA curb ramp, sidewalks, minor culvert bridge improvements, and install permanent traffic control devices in City of Walsenburg within Huerfano County. The project includes, but is not limited to, the following elements: will modify the existing box culvert on Walsen Ave (I-25 C) between Pine St and Grand Ave to accommodate a multi-use shared path; provide sidewalk and ADA improvements along Walsen Ave between Spruce St and Grand Ave; provide a mid block crossing (Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon - RRFB) between Spruce and Elm St to access the Library across Walsen Ave; provide sidewalk and ADA improvements along 7th St (US 160) between Ysidrio Ave and Olive Ave for the City Water Park, along with a Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RRFB) for the pedestrian crossing at Ysidrio Ave.

The Walsenberg Sand & Gravel Co. Pending

NHPP 2854-138 (20852) ~ The project installs water-proofing membrane over 4 existing bridge structures (F-15-DJ, F-15-DI, F-15-DG, & F-16-UA)through the Conifer area of US 285 in Jefferson County. The membrane will be installed directly over the pre-cast concrete box girders in the median areas and over milled concrete pavement areas of the PCC driving lanes and shoulders. Also,drainage improvements are included in the work at each of the bridges.

*Award by Review Pending

ER 0361-118 (20744) ~ This project consists of Re-wetting of Muggins gulch on US 36 from MM 7 to MM 8 in Larimer county.  It will include a concrete box culvert, a tunnel, specialized river and environmental considerations, rock blasting to facilitate a rockfall ditch, paving and rockfall mitigation in Larimer County.

Rejected N/A

CR 500-198 (22120R) ~ Region 5 guardrail replacement in La Plata, Montezuma, and Saguache counties.

Cruz Construction Bid Tab

ER R400-329 (20285) ~ This project located in Larimer county on US 287 & SH 14 north of Fort Collins.  The work consists of placing rip rap along the highway embankment at various locations, temporary river channel diversion and reconstruction and cross culvert installations. 

Duran Excavating, Inc. Pending

STA 086A-051 (18611) ~ Located in Elbert county on State Highway 86 beginning at M.P. 33.1 and extending approximately 26.1 miles easterly ending at M.P. 59.2 with a no work section beginning at M.P. 38.1 and ending to M.P. 50.5.  Consisting of roadway resurfacing, which includes: H.M.A. Overlay, Bridge repair, and striping.

Kiewit Infrastructures  Pending
November 15

 NHPP 0705-082 (21878) ~ This project is located on I-70 in Kit Carson and Lincoln county beginning at MP 380.0 extending 15.1 miles.  The project consists of concrete overlay with concrete paving, removal of hot mix asphalt and full depth reclamation and stripping.

Castle Rock Construction Co. Bid Tab

NHPP 4912-007 (20684) ~ This project consists of minor widening at junction with Montezuma county road S located on US 491 north of Cortez in Montezuma county from MP 33.48 to MP 34.01.   The project consists of HMA leveling course and SMA overlay located on US 491 from MP 36.15 to MP 53.74 and SMA overlay located on SH  184 from MP 0.00 to MP 3.78.   It also consists of installation of an advanced warning sign system located on and around JCT US 491 with Montezuma County Road BB.  The project is located in Montezuma and Dolores counties.

OldCastle SW Group, Inc.  Bid Tab

NHPP 0252-455 (21364S) ~ The Smart 25 Project limits are along NB I-25 from Ridgegate to University. There is additional ITS work along 225 between Parker Roadand I-25.  The purpose of the project is to install devices and equipment required to operate a coordinated ramp metering demonstration project along NB I-25. This project will install a new CDOT Fiber backbone in new conduit along portions of NB I-25. Included in the work will be modifying existing pavement markings and ramp signal equipment. New ramp meter signals will be installed on C470, E470 and I-225. The project has been split up into three projects.  A second project, Smart 25 Managed Motorways.  The project is located in Arapahoe, Denver, and Douglas counties.

PAONIA, Inc.  Pending

 ITS 0242-088 (22503) ~ On US-24 from I-25 to Morning Sun Drive (Woodland Park), work consists of installation of fiber optic cable and conduit, which includes pull boxes, manholes, Ethernet switches, backbone fiber, lateral fiber, splicing fiber, terminating fiber, existing device integration, and testing ofthe fiber and network in El Paso and Teller Counties.

PAONIA, Inc.  Bid Tab

NHPP 0402-090 (20753) ~ The project located in Moffat and Routt counties.  The project consists of Bridge preventative maintenance project for five structures.  B-06-A on US40Z MP 0.02, B-06-S on US40A MP 91.22 in, B-06-V on SH394 MP 1.0, C-06-A on US40A MP 105.50in Routt county, C-08-A on US40A MP 108.38 in Routt county.

Myers & Sons Construction, LP Bid Tab

C 060A-023 (21876) ~ This project in Weld county entails the widening at SH60 and WCR40 to improve the safety of the corridor. Southbound SH60 will add a deceleration right turn lane and bubble left turn lane. Northbound SH60 will add a left turn lane. The existing CBC minor structure in Farmer's Independent Ditch will be extended on the existing channel alignment. The project will be completed with a 2 inch HMA overlay.

Mountain Constructors, Inc. Bid Tab

ER 052A-039 (20262) ~ This project is located in Boulder county. SH 170 MP 1.2 CBC Eldorado Canyon.

Concrete Works of Colorado 

>10% over budget, per Bid Rules region to determine if funding can be secured


C 5502-098 (22086) ~ This project is in La Plata county on US 550 MP 21.5-24.0 US 160 MP 82.5-83.4.  Consists of installation of curb ramps at 19 locations within the city limits of Durango. 

Western Gravel Constructors, LLC Bid Tab
November 8

 STA 3851-017 (20855) ~ US 385 at Cheyenne Wells 90 degree curve.  This project shall reconstruct the two 90 degree curves on US 385 in Cheyenne Wells between MP 150.33 and MP 150.73, as well as install sidewalk from W. 3rd Street S. to E. 4th Street S. and will include storm sewer and drainage improvements. 

Jalisco International, Inc.  Bid Tab

NHPP 0702-366 (21245) ~ This project is located on I-70 from MP 166.0 to 174.5, with work and mainline resurfacing between MP 167 and 173.52 in Eagle County.  The construction will consist of a 2" mill and HMA overlay, guardrail work, rumble strips, striping, bridge rail, bridge joint repair, erosion control, and traffic control management.

Oldcastle SW Group, Inc.  Bid Tab
November 1

NH 2854-139 (20949) ~ US 285, 2.5" Mill and fill from M.P. 171.3 to 174.98, Passing lanes and turn lanes widening from M.P. 174.98 to 178.02 this includes extending 16 existing culvert pipes, 2.5" Mill and fill from M.P. 178.02 to 182.76, 2.5" Mill and fill from M.P. 183.39 to 185.4. 4" Mill and fill from M.P. 185.4 to M.P. 186.1. 2.5" Mill and fill from M.P. 186.1 to M.P. 190.0. This project is located in Park county.

APC Southern   Bid Tab

FSA 052A-047 (21856) ~ This project is an intersection widening project. Salient features include new signals and caissons, street lighting, both overlay and full depth HMA, curb and gutter, raised median, and concrete drainage pipe. Located it Weld county. 

Asphalt Specialties Bid Tab
October 25

FSA 0142-063 (19664) ~ This project consists of concrete pavement reconstruction on West Main street and Division Ave. New concrete pavement construction through out the new S-Curve and curb and gutter sidewalk construction curb ramps reconstruction and medians with median lighting, storm sewer installation and stripping and signing.  This project is located in Logan county near Sterling. 



NHPP 0401-023 (21290) ~ This project is located within Moffat County, along US 40, with project limits beginning at MP 31 and continuing East to MP 37. The project's scope includes surface treatment (1.5" overlay), guardrail replacement, pavement marking, and traffic control.

Kilgore Companies, LLC Bid Tab
October 18

MTCE R400-365 (22577) ~ This work consist of removing and applying modified epoxy pavement markings & high contrast tape at designated points. This project is located in Adams, Morgan, Sedgwick, Washington, and Weld counties from MM25.14 to MM 184.135

Kolbe Stripping, Inc. Bid Tab

NHPP R100-280 (21792) ~ Work consists of upgrading traffic signal controllers and cabinets to improve coordination and operations.  This project is located in Adams county. 

Interface Communications Co. Bid Tab

FSA 076A-011 (22760) ~ This project includes work sites in Adams, Morgan, and Weld counties from MM 25.14 to MM 100. The project consists of removing and applying high contrast tape at designated locations.

Innovative Marking System, Inc. Bid Tab

NHPP 006A-064 (21926) ~ This resurfacing project is located on US highway 6 in Mesa county.  The project begins on MP 11.08 and goes to MP 20.05.  The project consists of full width HMA overlay, shouldering, pothole repair, guardrail upgrades, ADA ramp upgrades, and epoxy pavement markings.

Kilgore Companies, LLC Bid Tab

SHE R200-243 (21978) ~ In southern Colorado at various work locations consisting of highway pavement marking installations on various roadway surface types, highway sign placement and removal along I-25 and Hwy 24 (MLK Bypass) in El Paso, Huerfano, Las Animas, and Pueblo Counties.

Workzone Traffic Control, Inc. Bid Tab

SHE 2254-092 (22449) ~ SB I-225 off-ramp to 17th Place, install: 2 new blankout LED signs, new conduit on the bridge exterior to connect the signs to the cabinet, mumble strips in the travel lanes, and relocate 2 existing signs and plaques. This project is located in Adams county.

Morton Electric, Inc.  Bid Tab
October 11

BR 1131-006 (20862) ~ This project consists of removing a timber structure, A-24-L, and replacing with a double cell precast CBC, A-24-AQ. There will be an on-site shoofly detour constructed to the east side of the structure in order to detour traffic around the structure work. The major components to the work will be detour construction, structure removal, dewatering and preparing the subbase for CBC placement, rip-rap lining the bottom of the CBC, construction of wingwalls, flattening roadway slopes, and rebuilding the roadway over this section of highway. This project is located in Logan County

October 4

NHPP 006A-066 (22451) ~ US 6: I-25 to Perry St, operational improvement.  This project is located in Denver county.

Jalisco International Inc.  Bid Tab

STA 141A-043(20989R) ~ SH141 Colorado River Bridge work elements include removal and replacement of bridge deck overhang, deck repairs, asphalt milling and overlay, new bridge curb,and type 10 bridge rail, approach guardrail, utility relocation, water line replacement, drainage improvements, and temporary bike way detour. This project is in Mesa county. 

Rejected N\A

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*In the event that less than three bidders propose on a project and the low apparent bidder is beyond the statutory limit above the engineer's estimate, the project will be reviewed and potentially may be awarded with the authorization of the Department's Executive Director.

Bid Tabs for all "AWARDED" projects above will be posted as soon as the Bid Tabs can be generated. 

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