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April 19

FBR 096A-047 (21011) ~ On SH 96 replace structure K-17-F with box culvert K-17-FF, work consists of building a detour, removing existing structure, installing box culvert, grading, removing detour, and traffic control in Pueblo County.

Kirkland Construction LLLP Pending

SHE 025A-042 (21571) ~ On I-25 from MP 121.0-122.3 and from MP 122.9-125.2, work consists of installing TL-4 median cable barrier in the southbound lane, earthwork to flatten slopes, installation of a weed barrier and update median crossovers in El Paso and Pueblo Counties.

Kirkland Construction LLLP Pending

FBR 0502-081 (22436) ~ On US 50 near the town of Sargents, work consists of removal of portions of existing bridge structure, removal of asphalt material, construction of precast concrete box culvert, cast in place wingwalls, toewalls, and aprons, HMA paving/patching and pavement markings in Saguache County.

Dietzler Construction Corporation Pending

STA 001A-002 (21847) ~ On SH 1 and I-25 southbound ramp in Wellington, work consists of installing a traffic signal that includes conduit, signal poles, cabinet, controller, pull boxes in Larimer County.

Sturgeon Electric Company Inc. Pending

NHPP 0252-455 (21364R) ~ On I-25 and I-225, work consists of installation of ramp metering devices, modify pavement markings and signal equipment, widening of the Dry Creek ramp, and installation of fiber backbone in Arapahoe, Denver and Douglas Counties.

*Award by Review Pending

NHPP 0701-239 (21201) ~ On I-70 from MP 68 to MP 75, work consists of resurfacing travel lanes, including variable depth overlay, guard and bridge rail replacement, and sliplinning of two culverts in Garfield County. 

Oldcastle SW Group Inc. Pending
Apr 12

STM 0242-081 (21450) ~ US 24 rockfall mitigation in El Paso County.

Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring Inc. Pending

FBR 069A-034 (22320) ~ Bridge replacement SH69 (M-6-P) in Huerfano County.

Lawrence Construction Company Bid Tab

NHPP C470-041 (20805) ~ Douglas County bridge scour repair.

SEMA Construction Inc. Pending

STA R400-347 (20940) ~ FY18 R4 controller and cabinet replacement project in Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, Huerfano, Kit Carson, Larimer, Las Animas, Lincoln, Mrogan, Phillips, Pueblo and Weld Counties.

Paonia LLC Pending
Apr 5

NHPP 072A-042 (22027) ~ SH 72 / 64th Ave. / Indiana St. traffic signal replacement in Jefferson County.

Interface Communications Company Pending
Mar 29

MTCE R300-245 (22432) ~ Region 3 FY18/19 region wide epoxy striping on SHs 070A and 082A in Mesa, Garfield, Eagle, Summit and Pitkin Counties.

Roadsafe Traffic Systems Inc. Bid Tab

NHPP 0852-112 (20473) ~ US 85, Hampden to Lipan, widen SB lanes, replace broken slabs and ADA ramps in Arapahoe and Denver Counties.  

Jalisco International Inc. Pending

NHPP 0703-449 (22250) ~ I-70 bridge deck and expansion joint repairs with HMA overlay in Clear Creek and Jefferson Counties. 

Structures Inc. Bid Tab

No projects opened today.


NHPP 1602-164 (21744) ~ On US 160 at Wolf Creek Pass, work consists of sign structures, signs, striping and barrier construction in Mineral County.

Award by Review TBD

ER 144A-002 (20254) ~ On SH 144 from MP 5.08 to MP 6.65, work consists reconstructing 1.6 miles of two lane highway using Aggregate Base Course Class 6 with HMA and includes moving the alignment of the roadway away from the South Platte River in Morgan County.

Castle Rock Const. Co. Bid Tab
NHPP 1602-166 (22010) ~ On US 160 from MP 91.8 to MP 102.3, work consists of deep patch, HMA leveling course, followed by HMA overlay with shouldering, guardrail replacement, striping, delineation, and mailbox replacement in La Plata County. Oldcastle SW Group Bid Tab
STA 1381-008 (20768) ~ On SH 138, work consists of bridge replacement, HMA paving, pavement marking, ADA curb ramps, channel grading and rip rap placement in Sedgwick County. McAtee Construction Co. Bid Tab
MTCE R500-202 (22310) ~ In Region 5 at various locations/highways, work consists of striping 665 miles of highway in La Plata, Montezuma, and Saguache Counties. Pavement Marking Bid Tab
MTCE R500-201 (22309) ~ On US 550, US 160 and SH 140 at various locations, work consists of removing and replacing class I & II sign panels, and replace damaged sign posts and bases as needed in La Plata and San Juan Counties. Workzone Traffic Control Bid Tab
FSA R200-247 (22167) ~ On US 287 from MP 0.00/State Line to MP 133, work consists of installing centerline rumble strips in Baca, Kiowa and Prowers Counties. Diamond Surface Inc. Bid Tab
MTCE R500-203 (22477) ~ In Region 5 at various locations/highways, work consists of crack sealing in travel lanes and along the edges of the travel lanes in La Plata, Montezuma, Montrose and Ouray Counties. A-1 Chipseal Bid Tab
NH 0504-904 (22081) ~ On US 50, work consists of critical culvert repair in Pueblo County. American West Const. Bid Tab

NHPP 5502-096 (21743R) ~ On US 550 and SH 62 at various locations, work consists of chip sealing, installation of pavement markings, and centerline rumble strips in Ouray County.

Kilgore d/b/a Elam Construction Bid Tab

NHPP C200-009 (20737R) ~ On US 550 in Durango at 17th, 22nd and 32nd Streets, work consists of signal replacement, roadway improvements, ADA curb ramp and sidewalk construction in LA Plata County.

*Rejected N/A

FSA 070A-029 (21906) ~ North of I-70 on Pecos Street at 48th Avenue, work consists of roundabout improvements in Denver County.

Jalisco International Bid Tab

ER 007A-026 (21088) ~ On SH 7 at various locations, work consists of permanent flood repairs, shoulder widening, and ADA curb ramps, 2” mill and overlay from MP 0.0 to MP 12.0 and shoulder widening to accommodate bike lanes from MP 6.4 to MP 10.6, and culvert repairs in Boulder and Larimer Counties.

Flatiron Constructors Bid Tab
Feb 15

NHPP 1602-153 (20705) ~ On SH 160 from MP 144.29 to MP 158.56, work consists of 2.5” HMA surface treatment, planning, striping, replacing mailboxes and delineators, upgrading guardrails, bridge repairs, patching, mill and fill work, widening, geohazard/culver/ditch improvements in Archuleta and Mineral Counties

A and S Construction Co. Bid Tab

FBR 0701-244 (22359) ~ On I-70 at MP 88.55 Bridge F-05-L over the Colorado River, work consists of bridge repairs in Garfield County.

Hamilton Construction Co. Bid Tab
Feb 8

STA M086-076 (20927) ~ At the intersections of SH 45 & Hollywood Drive, SH 45 & LeHigh Avenue, SH 96 & Acero – Belmont Avenue, and US 50 & Bonforte Boulevard, work consists of removal and replacement of traffic signals in Pueblo County

Arrow Electric Services Inc. Bid Tab
Feb 1

FBR 0702-382 (22360) ~ On I-70 at MP 158.85 Bridge F-10-L, work consists of bridge repairs including mitigating fatigue cracks in structural steel girders by means of repairing cracks, drilling, welding, painting, deck repairs, replacement of bridge expansion joints, replacement of HMA and waterproofing membrane, replacement of bridge rail, roadway work including replacement of guardrail and construction of cross-overs for maintenance of traffic in Eagle County

Lawrence Construction Company Bid Tab

C 0703-440 (21686) ~ At US 40 near Berthoud Pass, I-70 near MM 213, and around the EJM Tunnel portal road, work consists of installation of avalanche exploder devices/systems and associated control shelters in Grand and Summit Counties.

Geovert LLC Bid Tab

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*In the event that less than three bidders propose on a project and the low apparent bidder is beyond the statutory limit above the engineer's estimate, the project will be reviewed and potentially may be awarded with the authorization of the Department's Executive Director.

Bid Tabs for all "AWARDED" projects above will be posted as soon as the Bid Tabs can be generated. 

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