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Bid Results for Recently Let Projects

Bid results and status for projects that recently went to bid


Letting Dates Project Name and Description Low Bidder/Award Winner Bid Tabulation
Jul 20

NHPP 095A-019 (21806) ~ On SH 95/Sheridan Boulevard from 52nd Avenue to 58th Avenue, work consists of asphalt resurfacing, traffic signal pole upgrades, roadway lighting, bridge and deck joint repair, and pedestrian curb ramp upgrades in Adams and Denver Counties.

Jalisco International Inc. Pending

IM 0701-212 (18520) ~ On I-70 within the De Beque Canyon between MP 48.630 and MP 49.019, work consists of ramp improvements to include the realignment of the westbound on-ramp by installing a retaining wall along I-70 near the Colorado River, and extending the eastbound off-ramp length by completing rock excavation and installing a soil nail wall to stabilize the rock face in Mesa County.

Oldcastle SW Group Inc. Pending

C R100-283 (21807) ~ In Region 1 at various locations, work consists of replacing traffic signal controllers and upgrading communications at approximately 109 intersections. The primary corridors are Wadsworth Boulevard from US 36 to Waterton Road, and Federal Boulevard from 54th Avenue to 120th Avenue in Adams County.

Sturgeon Electric Company Inc. Pending

NHPP 5502-096 (21743) ~ On US 550 and SH 62 at various locations, work consists of chip sealing, installation of pavement markings and centerline rumble strips in Ouray County.

No Bids Pending

SHE 0141-024 (20403) ~ On SH 14 west of Ted’s Place, work consists of MGS guardrail, moment slab support with bridge rail type 10M, rock fill, HMA patching, delineators, and temporary portable signal in Larimer County.

Jalisco International Inc. Pending
Jul 13

ITS SW01-834 (21592) ~ On SH 93 and US 285, work consists of installation of CCTV cameras in Jefferson County.

Sturgeon Electric Company Pending

STA 2873-185 (21392) ~ At the US 287 and SH 14 intersection (Ted’s Place), work consists of asphalt overlay, signing, striping modifications, curb and gutter, and delineators in Larimer County.

Connell Resources Inc. Bid Tab
Jul 6

MTCE 131A-039 (22052) ~ On SH 131 from MP .053 to MP 68.721 (MP 51.43 to MP 56 is a no work zone), work consists of hot poured joint & crack sealant, and traffic control in Eagle and Routt Counties.

No Bids Pending

MTCE 0762-054 (21971) ~ On I-76 from MP 72 to MP 77, work consists of concrete panel replacements in Morgan County.

TLM Constructors Bid Tab

NHPP 2853-003 (20416) ~ On US 285 from MP 143 to MP 147.963, work consists of rebuilding the County Road 301 Intersection, installation of wildlife underpass, game fencing, game ramps, dear guards, guardrail, chip sealing, and striping in Chaffee County.

SEMA Construction Pending
Jun 29 No projects were let on this day.
Jun 22 MTCE 0253-259 (21904) ~ On I-25 from MP 229.29 to MP 244.52, work consists of signage replacement in Broomfield and Weld Counties. Paonia Inc. Bid Tab
STA 0072-019 (21174) ~ On SH 7 from US 287 to 75th Street, work consists of installing pull boxes, traffic management system manholes, conduit, fiber optic cable, and associated communications equipment in Boulder County. Interface Communications Company Bid Tab
MTCE 142A-002 (21858) ~ On SH 142 from US 285 to SH 159, work consists of construction signing, traffic control, temporary erosion control, chip sealing, fog coat, and striping in Conejos and Costilla Counties. Oldcastle SW Group Bid Tab
MTCE R300-243 (22035) ~ In Region 3 at various locations, work consists removal and installation of pavement markings on roundabouts in Eagle, Garfield, Pitkin, and Summit Counties. Kolbe Striping Bid Tab

ER 0361-115 (20191) ~ On US36 work consists of riprap removal and replacement, retaining wall, new pavement, CBC removal, and new bridge construction in Boulder County. 

American Civil Constructors Bid Tab
Jun 15

STA 0061-091 (22013) ~ On SH6 near the Town of Fleming, work consists of chip sealing, bridge rail and guardrail, erosion control, temporary and permanent striping, and traffic control in Logan County.

McAtee Construction Co. Bid Tab

MTCE 141A-048 (22050) ~ On SH141 from MP 143 to MP 154.1, work consists of chip sealing, pavement marking and traffic control in Mesa County.

Oldcastle SW Group Bid Tab

NHPP 145A-074 (21751) ~ On SH145 in the Town of Sawpit from MP 79.5 to MP 80.5, work consists of removal of existing 42” CSP and concrete headwall, and replaced with a 6’x4’ concrete box culvert with headwalls and a riprap basin in San Miguel County.

Kirkland Construction Bid Tab

NHPP 0702-381 (22032) ~ On I-70 at Vail Pass from MP 183 to MP 190, work consists of installing subsurface drains with manholes and storm sewer pipe to mitigate seasonal frost heaves in Eagle and Summit Counties.

Kirkland Construction Bid Tab

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*In the event that less than three bidders propose on a project and the low apparent bidder is beyond the statutory limit above the engineer's estimate, the project will be reviewed and potentially may be awarded with the authorization of the Department's Executive Director.

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