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Project Name and Description

Low Bidder/Award Winner Bid Tabulation
October 18

MTCE R400-365 (22577) ~ This work consist of removing and applying modified epoxy pavement markings & high contrast tape at designated points. This project is located in Adams, Morgan, Sedgwick, Washington, and Weld counties from MM25.14 to MM 184.135

Kolbe Stripping, Inc. Pending

NHPP R100-280 (21792) ~ Work consists of upgrading traffic signal controllers and cabinets to improve coordination and operations.  This project is located in Adams county. 

Interface Communications Co. Pending

FSA 076A-011 (22760) ~ This project includes work sites in Adams, Morgan, and Weld counties from MM 25.14 to MM 100. The project consists of removing and applying high contrast tape at designated locations.

Innovative Marking System, Inc. Pending

NHPP 006A-064 (21926) ~ This resurfacing project is located on US highway 6 in Mesa county.  The project begins on MP 11.08 and goes to MP 20.05.  The project consists of full width HMA overlay, shouldering, pothole repair, guardrail upgrades, ADA ramp upgrades, and epoxy pavement markings.

Kilgore Companies, LLC Pending

SHE R200-243 (21978) ~ In southern Colorado at various work locations consisting of highway pavement marking installations on various roadway surface types, highway sign placement and removal along I-25 and Hwy 24 (MLK Bypass) in El Paso, Huerfano, Las Animas, and Pueblo Counties.

Workzone Traffic Control, Inc. Pending

SHE 2254-092 (22449) ~ SB I-225 off-ramp to 17th Place, install: 2 new blankout LED signs, new conduit on the bridge exterior to connect the signs to the cabinet, mumble strips in the travel lanes, and relocate 2 existing signs and plaques. This project is located in Adams county.

Morton Electric, Inc.  Pending
October 11

BR 1131-006 (20862) ~ This project consists of removing a timber structure, A-24-L, and replacing with a double cell precast CBC, A-24-AQ. There will be an on-site shoofly detour constructed to the east side of the structure in order to detour traffic around the structure work. The major components to the work will be detour construction, structure removal, dewatering and preparing the subbase for CBC placement, rip-rap lining the bottom of the CBC, construction of wingwalls, flattening roadway slopes, and rebuilding the roadway over this section of highway. This project is located in Logan County

TRICON 2, LLC Pending
October 4

NHPP 006A-066 (22451) ~ US 6: I-25 to Perry St, operational improvement.  This project is located in Denver county.

Jalisco International Inc. Pending 

STA 141A-043(20989R) ~ SH141 Colorado River Bridge work elements include removal and replacement of bridge deck overhang, deck repairs, asphalt milling and overlay, new bridge curb,and type 10 bridge rail, approach guardrail, utility relocation, water line replacement, drainage improvements, and temporary bike way detour. This project is in Mesa county. 

Award By Review (ABR) Pending
September 27

MTCE 0704-244 (22701)  ~ The project consists of sealing cracks within the concrete pavement on I-70. Incorporated into this entire project is Temporary Traffic Control.  This project is located in Arapahoe, Elbert, Lincoln and Kit Carson Counties from M.P. 328.0 to M.P. 427.5 in both westbound and eastbound directions.

Dykhuis Drilling Corp.  Bid Tab

MTCE R100-301(22322) ~ This signing project will replace, remove, or install sign panels and overhead sign structures on US 6, I-25, US 36, SH 58, I-70, I-76, I-225, I-270, US 285, SH 287, and C-470.  This project is located in Adams, Denver, and Douglas counties. 

PAONIA, Inc.  Bid Tab
September 20

FBR 071A-018 (21012) ~ Arkansas River bridge replacement project on SH 71. Work to include installation of construction access, grading, removal of existing structure, installation of new structure, earthwork, construction signing, striping, guardrail installation, and other items as indicated in the plans and specs. This project is located in Crowley and Otero counties.

Lobato Construction, LLC  Bid Tab

STA R400-345 (20942) ~ This project consists of traffic signal pole replacement including removals, poles, conduit, heads,cameras, signing, striping, curb and gutter, and pavement patching. This project will take place at US 85 bus @ 26th St and US 85 @ CR 14.5.  Project located in Weld county.

PAONIA, Inc. Bid Tab

NHPP 070A-032 (22484) ~ I-70 B&Z in Mesa county.  This project is located in the City of Grand Junction along I-70A between milepost 25.50 and 25.60, I-70B between milepost 4.88 & 7.18, I-70Z between milepost .24 and1.27, and SH340 between milepost 12.84 and 13.28.  The project consists of improvements of existing curb ramps, along with sidewalks and curbs. 

KSK, LLC Bid Tab

STM R200-246 (22058) ~ This project will repair 2 culverts in El Paso County and 1 culvert in Fremont County.

American West Construction, LLC Bid Tabs
September 13

No projects let.  

September 6

BR R200-228 (21020) ~ Bridge M-22-Z replacement on SH 10 east of La Junta. Work to include earthwork, bridge demolition and replacement, guardrail installation, and other items as included in the plans.  In Otero county

TLM Constructors, Inc.  Bid Tab

NHPP R100-287 (22022R) ~ Up-grade ADA Curb Ramp at various locations in Adams, Denver, and Douglas counties.

Villalobos Concrete, Inc.  Bid Tab 

STM 0252-469 (22383) ~ Replacing and or modifying curb ramps along the I-25 and the SH21 Powers Corridor in Colorado Springs located in El Paso county.

Avery Asphalt Inc.  Bid Tab

NHPP 0501-069 (22415) ~ The project consists of replacing existing ADA curb ramps to bring them into compliance with PROWAG Requirements. This Project is located in the City of Delta on US50 MP 70.93 to 72.38 and SH348, MP 0.00 to MP 0.73 in Delta county.

Western Gravel Constructors, LLC   Bid Tab
August 30

No projects let.

August 23 

BR 025A-028 (20407) ~ I25 Bridge Replacements over Butte Creek at Exit 59 - N-17-BN & N-17-S in Huerfano county.

TLM Constructors, Inc.   Bid Tabs

STR 167A-002 (20754) ~ SH 167 Near Fowler between MP 0 AND 4.86 1.5” mill and overlay in Crowley, Otero, and Pueblo counties.

A&S Construction Co. Bid Tabs

STA 052A-040 (20715) ~ SH 52 MP 62.241 Replace existing undersized culverts in Morgan county.

AB Underground Bid Tabs 
August 16

No projects let.

August 9

STA 141A-045 (21193) ~ Clifton traffic signal pole replacement on SH 141 MM 160 to 160.3 & I-70 MM 11.67 in Mesa county. 

Sturgeon Electric Co. Bid Tab

C 0853-109 (22441) ~ Upgrade of ADA ramps in various locations on US34 in Greeley and Weld county.

Can Do Concrete Bid Tab

PWQ ID/IQ maintenance project in various counties in Region 2.

DBI Services Inc. N/A 
August 2

NHPP R100-243 (20873) ~ Culvert repairs, utilize spray lining methods including replacement of failed wing walls with C.I.P. and soil nail walls in Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson counties.

American West Construction Bid Tab 

NHPP 0703-448 (22231) ~ Median guardrail barrier construction at three site locations with concrete paving at one of the sites in Denver and Jefferson counties.

Cruz Construction Inc. Bid Tab 

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*In the event that less than three bidders propose on a project and the low apparent bidder is beyond the statutory limit above the engineer's estimate, the project will be reviewed and potentially may be awarded with the authorization of the Department's Executive Director.

Bid Tabs for all "AWARDED" projects above will be posted as soon as the Bid Tabs can be generated. 

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