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Feb 15

NHPP 1602-153 (20705) ~ On SH 160 from MP 144.29 to MP 158.56, work consists of 2.5” HMA surface treatment, planning, striping, replacing mailboxes and delineators, upgrading guardrails, bridge repairs, patching, mill and fill work, widening, geohazard/culver/ditch improvements in Archuleta and Mineral Counties

A and S Construction Co. Pending

FBR 0701-244 (22359) ~ On I-70 at MP 88.55 Bridge F-05-L over the Colorado River, work consists of bridge repairs in Garfield County.

Hamilton Construction Co. Pending
Feb 8

STA M086-076 (20927) ~ At the intersections of SH 45 & Hollywood Drive, SH 45 & LeHigh Avenue, SH 96 & Acero – Belmont Avenue, and US 50 & Bonforte Boulevard, work consists of removal and replacement of traffic signals in Pueblo County

Arrow Electric Services Inc. Pending
Feb 1

FBR 0702-382 (22360) ~ On I-70 at MP 158.85 Bridge F-10-L, work consists of bridge repairs including mitigating fatigue cracks in structural steel girders by means of repairing cracks, drilling, welding, painting, deck repairs, replacement of bridge expansion joints, replacement of HMA and waterproofing membrane, replacement of bridge rail, roadway work including replacement of guardrail and construction of cross-overs for maintenance of traffic in Eagle County

Lawrence Construction Company Bid Tab

C 0703-440 (21686) ~ At US 40 near Berthoud Pass, I-70 near MM 213, and around the EJM Tunnel portal road, work consists of installation of avalanche exploder devices/systems and associated control shelters in Grand and Summit Counties.

Geovert LLC Pending
Jan 25 NHPP 5502-088 (20799) ~ At the US 550 Red Mountain Pass snow shed tunnel MP 88.15, work consists of replacing existing lighting and replacing with new LED lighting system in Ouray County Main Electric LTD Bid Tab
ER 1151-033 (21352) ~ On SH 115 at MP 34.7 and MP 40.5, and on US 24 at MP 294.2, work consists of permanent flood repairs of damaged curb, installation of trench drains with slope regrade, and replace damaged section of Montessori wall with grouted boulder wall in El Paso County American West Construction LLC Pending
FBR 0701-242 (22170) ~ On I-70 at MP 56.77 Bridge G-03-Q over the Colorado River Overflow, work consists of bridge repairs including mitigating fatigue cracks in structural steel girders by means of repairing cracks, drilling, installing structural steel, bolting, welding, deck repairs, replacement of bridge expansion joints, replacement of HMA and waterproofing membrane, replacement of bridge rail, roadway work including replacement of guardrail and construction of cross-overs for maintenance of traffic in Mesa County Hamilton Construction Co. Bid Tab
BR 0252-444 (20809) ~ On I-25 at Rockrimmon Boulevard from MP 146.727 to MP 148.874, work consists of detour pavement and removal, concrete milling, variable depth asphalt HMA overlay, bridge repairs, remove and replace bridge joints, removal and installation of guardrails, curb and gutter removal and replacement, modify/adjust structures and manholes, traffic control, signing and striping, erosion control, seeding and mulching in El Paso County Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company LLC Bid Tab
Jan 18 MTCE 0712-017 (22177) ~ On SH 71D from MP 123 to MP 138 in both directions of the roadway, work consists of chip seal and fog seal to the full width of the roadway and shoulder, includes cover coat material Type 1, emulsified asphalt and final striping in Lincoln and Washington Counties A-1 Chipseal Company Bid Tab
NHPP 0252-455 (21364) ~ On I-25 northbound from Ridgegate Parkway to University Boulevard and on I-225 from Parker Road to I-25, work consists of installing devices and equipment for ramp metering, modifying existing ramp meter configurations both pavement markings and ramp signal equipment, widening of Dry Creek ramp, installation of new ramp signals on C470, E470 and I-225, installation of fiber optic backbone along northbound I-25 in Arapahoe, Denver and Douglas Counties *Rejected N/A
ITS SW01-833 (21594) ~ On SH 265 near York Street, work consists of furnishing and installing over height detection systems, including detectors, blank out signs, cabinets, conduit and pull boxes in Denver County Interface Communications Company Bid Tab
STR 133A-045 (20915R) ~ On SH 133 from MP 42 to MP 51, work consists of heating and remixing treatment, chip seal, guardrail upgrades, pavement markings, and traffic control with pilot car operations in Pitkin County Oldcastle SW Group Inc. Bid Tab
STR R200-238 (21787) ~ On SH 101 and SH 109, work consists of culvert replacement/rehabilitation in Bent and Otero Counties American West Construction LLC Bid Tab
Jan 11

NHPP 0702-373 (21696) ~ On I-70 from MP 116 to MP 133, work consists of roadway resurfacing, asphalt and waterproofing membrane removal and replacement, pavement marking and traffic control in Eagle and Garfield Counties

Oldcastle SW Group Inc. Bid Tab

ER 0252-466 (22311) ~ On I-25 at MP 155, work consists of restoration of the Monument Creek Branch to include concrete box culvert and winged wall repairs, construction of concrete drop structures, channel armoring with boulders, riprap, grouted riprap, installation of embankment material, seeding, and Prebbles Mouse appurtenances in El Paso County

SEMA Construction Inc. Bid Tab

MTCE R100-296 (22230) ~ On SH 72 and SH 74, work consists of signage removal and replacement using sign panels provided by CDOT and contractor furnished posts and footings, traffic and erosion control in Boulder, Gilpin and Jefferson Counties

CC Enterprises Bid Tab

STA 0142-065 (20945) ~ On SH 14 in Ft. Collins between Lemay Street and I-25, work consists of 3-4” mill and overlay, full depth turn lane widening, full depth road reconstruction on eastbound SH 14 from Timberline to Summitview, detour paving, ADA curb ramp replacements, cable rail section in median, reset pull box’s, culvert extension, signal work, signing and striping in Larimer County

Connell Resources Inc. Bid Tab
Jan 4 FSA 145A-061 (19796) ~ On SH 145 in the Town of Dolores, work consists of removal and replacement of concrete flatwork, sign replacement and minor traffic control in Montezuma County Medved Global Inc. Bid Tab

STR 069A-032 (20950) ~ On SH 69 from MP 25.7 to MP 50.1, work consists of 1.5” HMA overlay, 1” HMA leveling course at select locations, roto milling, placing shouldering material, seeding, mulching, replacing guardrail, installation of delineators, signing, rumble strips, and striping in Custer and Huerfano Counties

A&S Construction Co. Bid Tab
STR 0091-043 (20759) ~ On SH 9 Summit Boulevard from MP 96.1 to MP 97.2, work consists of HMA resurfacing, ADA curb ramp upgrades, and signal cameras in Summit County *Award by Review Pending
STA 141A-043 (20989) ~ On SH 141B at MP 159.93 over the Colorado River, work consists of removal and replacement of bridge railing and a portion of the deck, utility relocation, deck repairs, waterproofing membrane, culver replacement, embankment, asphalt removal and replacement, pavement marking removal and replacement, guardrail removal and replacement, polyester end dams, excavation, and traffic control in Mesa County *Rejected N/A
SHE 0212-010 (22314) ~ At SH 21 and Omaha Blvd. intersection improvements to remove left turn movements to and from Powers Blvd at Omaha Blvd. creating a right in – right out intersection, and extending the left turn lanes northbound Powers at Palmer Park Blvd., work consists of removal of existing turn islands, embankment, aggregate base course, HMA paving, curb and gutter, lighting, signing, and pavement marking in El Paso County Kiewit Infrastructure Co. Bid Tab
STR 133A-046 (21262) ~ On SH 133 from MP 11.43 to MP 23.8, work consists of full width cold bituminous pavement recycled, 2” overlay, shouldering, guardrail upgrades, epoxy pavement markings, mill and fill bridge work and end block modification on structures I-06-O, I-06-V, and I-07-S, fence replacement on structures I-06-O, replacement of joint gland on structure I-07-S, and mill and fill on structures I-07-P and I-07-Q in Delta and Gunnison Counties Oldcastle SW Group Inc. Bid Tab
NHPP 0402-092 (20842) ~ On US 40 from MP 15.1 to MP 152.4, work consists of 2.5” milling and 2” filling surface treatment, guardrail replacement, sign modifications, culvert replacement, sediment control, frost heave repairs, pavement marking, and traffic control in Grand and Routt Counties Oldcastle SW Group Inc. Bid Tab
NHPP C200-009 (20737) ~ On US 550 in Durango at 17th, 22nd and 32nd Streets, work consists of sign replacement, roadway improvements, ADA curb ramp and sidewalk construction in LA Plata County *Rejected N/A
ER 0342-058 (20180) ~ On US 34D and 18th Street from MP 11.65 to MP 13.62 and MP 14.09 to MP 14.50, work consists of box culvert extensions, asphalt removal, asphalt overlay and pavement, shouldering, concrete pavement, hydro demolition, bridge deck repair, girder and corbel repair, bridge rail replacement, riprap installation, pavement marking, traffic control in Weld County Hamilton Construction Co. Bid Tab

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*In the event that less than three bidders propose on a project and the low apparent bidder is beyond the statutory limit above the engineer's estimate, the project will be reviewed and potentially may be awarded with the authorization of the Department's Executive Director.

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