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Bid Tabs - 2017

Bid Tabs for projects let in 2017
Letting Date Project Name and Description Low Bidder/ Award Winner Bid Tabulation
Mar 2 BR 0252-499 (20916) ~ On I-25 in Colorado Springs at various locations, polyester concrete overlay on six out of nine structures, expansion joint removal and replace on one structure, Concrete Deck Class I, II, & III repair on various structures, and misc. minor repair on bridge in El Paso County Myers and Sons Bid Tab
May 4 BR 0361-117 (20610) ~ On US 36 between MP 11.95 and MP 12.29, replace three substandard failing CMP’s and sleeve a forth CMP in Larimer County TBD Pending
Feb 9 IM 025A-039 (21323) ~ On I-25 at MP 12.73, critical culvert extension with manholes and construction of an access road to access the work in Las Animas County Habitat Construciton Bid Tab
Mar 23 MTCE 2873-191 (21905) ~ On US287, MP 335-MP 339, remove & install thermoplastic pavement markings in Larimer County Roadsafe Traffic Systems Bid Tab
Jan 26 MTCE R100-274 (21538) ~ On SH119. removal, replacement and installation of Class I, II and III ground signs, sign posts, foundations and traffic control (sign panels to be furnished by CDOT) in Boulder, Gilpin and Jefferson Counties CC Enterprises Bid Tab
Mar 2 MTCE R300-233 (21407) ~ In Region 3, replacing the traffic signal face, pedestrian signal face and pedestrian push buttons in Delta, Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Gunnison, Mesa, Moffat, Montrose, Pitkin, Routt, and Summit Counties Sturgeon Electric Bid Tab
Mar 30 MTCE R300-238 (21810) ~On US6F MP 208.66-229.9 and SH9C MP 80.0-97.23 and SH9D removal and replacement of highway signs , on SH 9C MP 101.56-138.92 and SH65A MP 0 to 61.39; post and base replacement will be done as needed in Clear Creek, Delta, Grand, Mesa and Summit Counties Mark Construction Bid Tab
Mar 9 MTCE R300-239 (21811) ~On 070A, 009C, and 040, grinding existing pavement markings and refreshing with inlaid modified epoxy pavement marking material, existing pavements marking will be removed to a depth of 25 mils, pavement markings shall be restriped with modified epoxy pavement marking material (no removal or restriping of lane lines between general puropose lanes on I-70) in Moffat County Kolbe Striping Bid Tab
Mar 23 MTCE R300-240 (21812) ~ This project will consist of refreshing existing crosswalks, stop bars, word and symbol pavement markings with inlaid preformed thermoplastic material on the following roadways - 006A, 006D, 006E, 24A, 40A, 50A, 65A, 82A, 91A, 92A, 133A in Delta, Eagle, Garfield, Gunnison, Lake, Mesa, Montrose, Pitkin and Summit Counties Roadsafe Traffic Systems Bid Tab
Feb 16 MTCE R500-191 (21687) ~ In Region 5, pavement marking striping on various highways in various counties Innovative Marking System Bid Tab
Jan 19  NH 1604-013 (20910) ~US 160 MP 382.77 - 405.00, 1.5 inches of HMA overlay with a 1.0 inch HMA leveling course or full depth asphalt patching at various locations, aggregate base course, shouldering, striping, delineators, signing, guardrail and bridge rail installation, and various repairs to 5 bridges in Las Animas county A & S Construction Bid Tab
Mar 2 NHPP 0402-091 (20841) ~ In Region 3, combination intersection, resurfacing, sidewalk, and waterline construction project; 2" mill and fill (MP 126.0-130.60), shouldering and drainage improvements; intersection and signal work at US40 and Elk River Road (MP 130.60 to 130.84), on the west side of Steamboat Springs, signal replacements, drainage improvements, earthwork, resurfacing, and sidewalk and ramp improvements; and sidewalk trail work is located adjacent to US40 and includes approximately 1,860 feet of sidewalk construction in addition to drainage improvements and curb and gutter and ADA improvements in Routt County Flatiron Construction Bid Tab
Mar 9 NHPP 0502-075 (20801) ~ On US50, Blue Mesa resurfacing from MP 127.0 East ~ 12 miles to MP 139.1 including bituminous pavement (recycle) treatment, HMA overlay, bridge deck repair, guardrail replacement, expoxy pavement marking and construction traffic control in Gunnison County A & S Construction  Bid Tab
Mar 2 NHPP 0701-230 (20882) ~ At I-70 MP 50.4, replacement of the existing tunnel lights and mounting system, control system, concrete tunnel liner repairs, patching to detour route, stormwater management, and traffic control in Beavertail tunnel in Mesa County Sturgeon Electric Bid Tab
Apr 27 NHPP 0701-238 (21035) ~ On I-70B and US 6 in Grand Junction, 2" mill and HMA overlay, shoulder widening and realignment, traffic signal upgrades, access improvements, curb, gutter, and median cover replacement, and installation of new pedestrian paths in Mesa County NOTE: Mandatory Prebid Meeting will be held on April 4, 2017. TBD Pending
Jan 5 NHPP 0702-352 (20547) ~ On I-70, MP 124.87-125.86, replacement of Variable Message Signs (VMS), Changeable Message Signs (CMS) and Lane Use Signs (LUS) on the Eastbound and Westbound tunnel approaches and inside the Hanging Lake Tunnels, and Traffic Control in Garfield county  Casper Electric Bid Tab
Apr 13 NHPP 0703-433 (20847) ~ On I-70, replace concrete barrier, handrail and walkway located on the North side of the South Tunnel at the Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel Complex, inlet cleaning and repair, traffic and erosion control in Clear Creek and Summit Counties Hamilton Construction Bid Tab
Mar 23 NHPP 0703-434 (20997) ~ On I-70 EB Evergreen Parkway to Chief Hosa, MP 252-253, repair an existing failed MSE wall (~ 750), upgrade the drainage through the wall facing, remove and reset guardrail, and replace HMA paving along the MSE wall at the shoulder of EB I-70 in Jefferson County Hamilton Construction Bid Tab 
Apr 27 NHPP 0704-240 (20891) ~ Work includes deck repairs, thin bonded polyester concrete overlay, removal and replacement of expansion joints, sawing and sealing bridge joints, repair bridge railing, and cleaning bridge drains for Structures E-16-ON, E-16-OQ, E-16-PK, E-17-NU, E-17-PB, E-17-PC, E-17-PD, E-17-PO, and E-17-PP in Denver County TBD Pending
Feb 9 NHPP 145A-063 (20456) ~ On SH145, construciton of a cribwall, replacement of two existing culverts MP 76 and 75.93, addition of a culvert at MP 75.96, two deep patches at MP 78.5 and 78.3 in San Miguel County Myers & Sons Construction Bid Tab
Jan 12 NHPP 1602-145 (20155) ~On US 160, MP 204.11 - 215.3, in the town of Del Norte the work consists of a double chipseal and ADA curb ramps, the rest of the project is a single layer chipseal, fog coat, and striping in Rio Grande county Old Castle SW Group Bid Tab
Jan 19 NHPP 1602-155 (20797R) ~ On US 160 at Wolf Creek Pass-Installation of fiber optic cable, conduit and manholes from Wolf Creek Pass tunnel to the town of South Fork, install conduit and fiber optic cable at Monte Vista VMS and Alamosa, install fiber optic cable at La Veta Pass VMS, and install electrical equipment in Alamosa and Walsenburg CDOT Mtce facilities in ALamosa, Huerfano, Mineral and Rio Grande counties Main Electric Ltd.

Bid Tab

Mar 2 NHPP 4912-006 (20502) ~ On US491 North of Cortez ~ MP 27.3-36.15, section of planning followed by HMA overlay and a section of cold in place recycle followed by HMA overlay with guardrail replacement on SH 184 with final signing and striping in Montezuma County Oldcastle SW Group  Bid Tab
Mar 2 NHPP 5502-087 (20741) ~ On SH 550 Molas Pass, replacement of two cribwalls at MP 68.6 and MP 68.75 in Ouray and San Juan Counties Rock & Co. Bid Tab
Jan 19 NHPP 5502-093 (21307) ~ The preventative maintenance includes replacing and patching damaged concrete pavement, restoring the surface skid resistance and
roadway smoothness through microgrinding, re-sealing and re-striping. The work is within the current curb to curb widths of the existing roadway in La Plata county
ACME Concrete Paving d/b/a ACPI Inc. Bid Tab
Apr 27 NHPP C120-026 (20890) ~ Work includes clearing and grubbing, asphalt removal, bridge rehab, SMA pavement, guardrail type 3, cable barrier, traffic signals, signing and striping in Adams County TBD  Pending 
Feb 16 NHPP R100-249 (20886) ~ On US40A, MP 244.37-248.09 wall repair and replacements including roadway joint sealers at various wall locations in Clear Creak County ESCO Construction Co. Bid Tab
Jan 19 NHPP R600-440 (19656R) ~ On US 40 (Colfax Ave) from Galapago St. (MP 297.6) to Colorado Blvd. (MP 300.7) resurfacing milling 2.5 " of existing pavement and placing an overlay of 2.5" of HMA, reconstruction of ~ 96 curb ramps, adjust manholes, valves box, inlet protection and traffic control in Denver county Brannan Sand & Gravel Bid Tab
Mar 2 SHE 160A-031 (20962) ~ On SH160 MP 294-297 lane widening with on and off ramp improvements on I-25 at Exit 52 in Huerfano County  Tricon Bid Tab
Mar 30 SHE R100-246 (20878) ~ Region 1 traffic signal replacement at three intersections: SH 75 & Coal Mine Avenue, I-25 County Line Road (west ramp), and I-70 & Chambers Road (north ramp) in Adams and Arapahoe  WL Contractors Bid Tab
Apr 6 STA 006A-057 (20840) ~ On SH6, east of Sterling, MP 406.68 - 418.882, full depth reclamation, HMA, delineator installation, traffic control, temporary striping and final striping in Logan County Simon Contractors Bid Tab
Mar 23 STA 0243-087 (20856) ~ On US24, overlaying the existing asphalt pavement with 3-5 inches of hot mix asphalt from MP 350.58 to 356.7 in Elbert County Simon Contractors Bid Tab
Jan 12 STA 0362-035 (20561) ~ US36 Strasburg to Byers, I70M: I-70 to US36; CR2:CR173-36, removal of asphalt mat and planing, removal of guardrail, concrete, slab repair, bridge rehab, asphalt paving, guardrail, curb ramps, signing, striping in Adams and Arapahoe APC Construction Co. Bid Tab
Apr 13 STA 0404-055 (19487) ~ On Colfax Ave. from I-70 to Cole Blvd. and from Simms St. to Kipling St., 2.5" mill and overlay, pedestrian curb ramp upgrades in Jefferson County APC Construction Co. Pending
Apr 20 STA 0503-085 (20344) ~ On US 50, realign from ~ BNSF Railroad to Pueblo Blvd. and convert existing roadway into a ramp with new structure, paving, grading, extension of a box culvert, traffic control, etc in Pueblo County Lawrence Construction Pending
Apr 6 STA 0503-089 (21255) ~ Project will include surface treatment and bridge work on US 50 between the turnoff to the Royal Gorge Bridge (approx. MP 270.0) and approx MP 261, and on SH 9 between its terminus at US 50 (MP 0.0) and the boundary of Fremont and Park Counties (MP 18.2) in Fremont and Park  APC Southern Construction Co. Bid Tab
Jan 12 STA 060A-019 (20586) ~ On SH 60 from US 287 to Milliken, HMA overlay and various locations of milling. Various ADA curb ramp and sidewalk improvements, remove and replace 48" culvert, full depth reconstruction for ~.3 miles within Johnstown requiring a detour, guardrail and bridge rail improvements in Weld and Larimer counties Coulson Excavating Company Incorporated Bid Tab
Mar 30 STA 067A-039 (21254) ~On SH 67, 2 discontinuous sites, Site A: MP 52.304-69.651 includes a full length and width 4" CIPR, and 1.5" overlay and Site B: MP 77.59-92.7 includes a full length and width 1.5" overlay; work also includes shouldering, guardrail adjustment and hardware replacement, bridge rail replacement, additional approach and departure guardrail for bridges, temporary erosion control, centerline rumble strips, and delineator replacement and installation in Douglas and Teller Counties Martin Marietta Materials Bid Tab
Mar 2 STA 0853-101 (20845) ~ On US85 from Eaton (MP 275.5) to Ault (280.3), resurfacing with full depth asphalt reclamation, concrete rubblization, HMA overlay, and fast track concrete intersections in Weld County Simon Contractors Bid Tab
Feb 9 STA 0931-032 (21626) ~ On SH93, erosion correction project to direct sheet flow into systematic locations: installation of rock check dams at 100 foot intervals, curbs, a new steel pipe and addition of seeding and turf reinforcement mat in Boulder County All Cowboy Erosion Control Bid Tabs
Apr 6 STA 095A-017 (19593) ~ On Sheridan Blvd. from 25th St. to 52nd Ave., 2.5" mill and HMA overlay, pedestrian curb ramp upgrades in Adams, Denver and Jefferson Counties Brannan Sand & Gravel Bid Tab
Apr 6 STA 095A-018 (19644) ~ On Sheridan Blvd. from Hampden Ave. to Arizona Ave., 3" mill and HMA overlay, pedestrian curb ramp upgrades, and traffic signal pole replacements in Denver and Jefferson Counties APC Construction Co. Pending
Mar 9 STA 2873-180 (20461) ~ On US287C (Federal Blvd.), HMA overlay on Federal Blvd (US 287C).  The limits of the project are from:  approximately 400 feet north of 119th Ave, south to approximately 580 feet north of 92nd Ave.  The work consists of milling 2.5 inches of existing pavement and placing an overlay of 2.5 inches of Hot Mix Asphalt. Other elements of the project include: ADA curb ramps; Curb and gutter and sidewalk replacement; Signing and striping; Installation of new signal lights at the intersection of Federal Blvd and 98th Ave, in Adams County Asphalt Specialties Co. Bid Tab
Mar  9 STA 2873-183 (21305) On US287, repairs at LCR 17 pavement rehabilitation, leveling of approach slabs in Larimer County Asphalt Specialties Co. Bid Tab
May 11
STA R100-255 (20904) ~ On various highways in Region 1, work consists of removing debris from cracks in roadways and on asphalt bridge decks and placing hot bituminous crack sealant in the cracks in region wide counties
TBD Pending
May 4 STA R400-348 (20939) ~ In Region 4, furnishing and installing traffic signal controller cabinets, traffic signal controllers, and associated equipment across various locations in Boulder, Larimer, and Weld Counties TBD Pending
Feb 2 STA R500-190 (21416) ~ Intersection signal replacements including US50/CR11, SH291 F/F Rpad. SJ15/2nd Ave. and US160/SH121 in Chaffe and Rio Grand County No Bids N/A
Mar 9 STA R500-190 (21416) R5 signal replacement and ADA access upgrades in Chaffee and Rio Grand Counties Rejected N/A
Apr 27 STA R500-190 (21416) ~ Intersection signal replacement in Chaffee and Rio Grand County TBD Pending
Mar 23 STE 0702-357 (20901) ~ On I-70, MP 182.5 - MP 183.5, construction of an access road from the Vail Pass Recreation trail to the sediment basin in Eagle County Ewing Trucking & Construction Bid Tab
Jan 26 STM 0243-089 (20911-ALT) ~ On US 24 alternate bid (HMA or PCCP) with earthwork, drainage, full depth reclamation, minor widening, curb and gutter, signalization, signing, pavement marking and seeding; scour repair work includes concrete apron, riprap, soil riprap and seeding at 2nd site on Troy Hill in Colorado Springs all in El Paso County Flatiron Construction Bid Tab
Apr 20 STM SH45-001 (20755) ~ On SH 45 (Pueblo Blvd) between mile posts 4.9 and 8.7. Work to included removal of asphalt mat, concrete paving, asphalt paving, grade corrections, shouldering work, signal work, traffic control in Pueblo County Castle Rock Construction Company Pending
Feb 9 STR 0092-023 (20757) ~ On SH9 N. MP 101.6-107, US6 Dillion MP 208.7-210.7 resurfacing and curb ramp replacement and minor drainage improvements in Summit County APC Southern Construction Bid Tab
Apr 27 STR R500-169 (20695) ~ On US 84 at MP 14.67, work includes slip lining of existing culvert with improved inlet, heated walls, earthwork, erosion and traffic control in Archuleta County TBD Pending
Mar 30 SW01-932 (21879) ~ On I-70 from MP 146- 259, phase funded project to remove and replace pavement markings ($1.5M budged for FY17) with an on-call option to replace striping in Winter (FY18) in Clear Creek, Eagle and Summit County Roadsafe Traffic Systems Bid Tab

*On project SHE 160A-031 (20962) original low bidder was found to have failed the Good Faith Effort to meet the DBE bid, and 2nd low bidder was being cleared for award. All other projects have awarded to the low apparent bidder.

"Under Review" indicates that less than three bidders proposed on a project and the low apparent bidder is beyond the statutory limit above the engineer's estimate. For these projects, the low apparent biddder will be reviewed and potentially may be awarded with the authorization of the Department's Executive Director.

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