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Bid Results for Recently Let Projects

Bid results and status for projects that recently went to bid are provided in the table below. The most recent and prior weeks bid letting results can be found by clicking on the links found on the left side of this web page.


Letting Dates

Project Name and Description

Low Bidder/Award Winner Bid Tabulation
Jan 11 STR 109A-020 (23189) ~ The project is located in Region 2 in several counties. The overall project area is from MP 0 (SH 160) to MP 31 (Bent County line) on SH 109. The main area of work consists of the entirely of SH 109 with a 1 inch asphalt leveling course with a 1.5 inch asphalt overlay. Included are areas requiring rebuild treatment of 6 inches asphalt over 6-inches aggregate base course. Safety improvements will include upgrading guardrail to meet new 31 inch standards, along SH 109. A&S Construction Co. Pending
NHPP 0361-124 (22796) ~The project is located in Region 1 in Boulder county.  Project includes resurfacing approximately 2.6 miles.  Bridge work including expansion device replacement and class 2 and 3 repair.  Type 3 guardrail upgrades at various locations along the corridor/ramps. Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.  Pending
STA 0404-056 (20821) ~ The project is located in Region 1 in Arapahoe county.  The project included resurfacing and drainage, signing, striping, and curb and cutter. Brannan Sand & Gravel, LLC Pending
FBR 0243-091 (22995) ~ The project is located in Region 2 in El Paso county.  Work includes replacing str. H-19-C with double 8' x 8' CBC box, extending 4' x 8' CBC Box, drainage work, embankment, HMA, and Riprap. TEZAK Heavy Equipment Co. Inc.  Pending
C 2911-003 (22859) ~ The project is located in Region 5 in Chaffee county.  The work consists of construction or reconstruction of ADA curb ramps and sidewalk at various locations along US 50 & SH 291 in Salida. Western Gravel Constructors, LLC Pending
Jan 7 STR 0505-049 (21776) ~ The project is located in Region 2 in Bent and Otero counties.  The work on this project will consist of roadway resurfacing, roadway widening for passing lanes, guardrail replacement, sign replacement, roadway patching, and RCP culvert installation. A&S Construction Co. Pending
NHPP 0362-038 (21851) ~ The project is located in Region 4 in Washington county.  The project consists of plaining the existing asphalt mat approximately 1 inch in depth and overlay of 2 ½ inches of ho mix asphalt.  The project will include shouldering material with rumble strips and permanent pavement markings Simon Contractors Pending
CR 400-375 (23062) ~The project is located in Region 4 in several counties.  This project consists of ADA curb ramp retrofit upgrades, including removal of sidewalk and curb ramps, installation of curb ramps, sidewalk, curb & gutter, pavement patching, reset pedestrian push buttons, striping, traffic control and erosion control on multiple highways in Cheyenne, Elbert, Kit Carson and Lincoln Counties Over Budget- Pending Review Pending
NHPP 385A-018 (22437) ~ The project is located in Region 4 in several counties.  This project consists of signal pole removal and replacement, pavement removal, concrete pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalk, curb ramps, signing, striping, erosion control and traffic control at the US 24-385 intersection (Rose Ave & Lincoln St) in Burlington. K.E.C.I. Colorado Inc. Pending
NHPP0502-079 (21572) ~ The project is located in Region 5 in Saguache county.  US 50 surface treatment project between mile markers 181.62 to mile marker 192.50 for 10.88 miles. 2-1/2" of new HMA to be placed as well as shouldering material and paving of approaches per M&S. A 400 SY section of roadway may require a deep patch fix of damaged roadway. Structures K-11-F and K-11-H, as shown in the plans, will require geotextile, waterproofing (membrane), concrete sealer, sawing and sealing bridge joint and guardrail and end section removal and replacement items. Signing and striping of roadway will be required once paving is complete. APC Southern Construction Co. LLC Pending
IM 0253-246 (20952) ~This project is located in Region 4 in Larimer county. The project consists of bridge preventative maintenance on four structures. The work consists of class 1, 2 and 3 repairs, and removal of asphalt, expansion device replacement, placing a thin bonded overlay or HMA overlay, one approach slab replacement, and striping. Three structures are over I-25 at CR 70, CR 66 and CR 58. The last structure is on US 287, MM 352.153, over the Larimer County Canal ABCO Contracting, Inc. Pending
MTCE R400-383 (24093) ~This project is locate in Region 4 in several counties. This project will consist of removing and replacing preformed thermoplastic pavement markings along various segments of highway in the SW quadrant of R4. Roadsafe Traffic Systems, Inc. Pending
MTCE R400-384 (24095) ~The project is located in Region 4 in several counties.  This project will remove and replace modified epoxy pavement markings on State Highway 14C RDP Barricade Co., LLC dba Colorado Barricade Pending
BR 071A-021 (23005) ~ The project it located in Region 2 in Otero county.  The work on this project will consist of one bridge replacement, bridge rail / guardrail replacement and roadway reconstruction for bridge approach TLM Constructors, Inc.  Pending
Dec 17 NHPP 0132-022 (22776) ~ The project is located in Region 3.  Reconstruction and minor widening project located in Moffat County on State Highway 13 north of Craig. Construction limits are MP 110.91 and 116.09. The project includes clearing and grubbing, earthwork, excavation, a wildlife underpass structure, retaining walls, culvert removal and replacement, culvert lining, concrete work, paving, shouldering, fencing, striping, signage, wildlife detection system, traffic control, erosion control, and seeding Scott Contracting, Inc.  Pending
CR 100-342 (23548) ~ The project is located in Region 1 in Denver, Jefferson, and Arapahoe counties.  The project consists of replacing curb ramps in four locations within the region.   This includes replacement of concrete curb ramps, sidewalk, curb and gutter, median cover, landscaping, and striping, as well as placement of pedestrian push buttons and pedestrian striping. KSK, LLC Bid Tab
STA 141A-051 (23607) ~ The project is located in Region 3 in Mesa county.  This will be a chipseal project on US 6 (MP 11.08-20.05), US 50 Frontage Roads(MP 33.8-36.2), SH 141(MP 120-154.1), SH139 (MP 0-6). Kilgore Companies, LLC dba Elam Construction Bid Tab
Dec 10 NHPP 0703-444 (21799) ~ The project is located in Region 1 in Clear Creek county on I-70 (Georgetown to Empire JCT), beginning Eastbound at MP 288.35 (STA 123+41.58) and extending to MP 231.36 (STA 275 + 74.06), Westbound beginning at MP 228.38(STA 125+26.42) and extending to MP 231.54 (STA301+69.41). This project consists of removing 2.25 of existing asphalt pavement and placing 2.25 of HMA. In addition, this project includes cleaning inlets, culverts, and adjusting or replacing guardrail and final signing and striping. APC Construction Co. LLC Bid Tab
NHPP R100-325 (22954) ~ The project is located in Region 1 in Jefferson county.  The project proposes to upgrade existing traffic signals and curb ramps at seven intersections, includes: SH 93 (Golden Gate Canyon Road, 64th Ave., & Westgate), SH 58 (EB and WB off Ramps & McIntyre), & SH 8 (SH 74 and Stone St.). Sturgeon Electric Bid Tab
Dec 3 STR 0641-104 (22594) ~ The project is located in Region 3 in Moffat & Rio Blanco counties.  The project is a surface treatment along US 40and SH 64.  The project includes at 2” overlay and guardrail replacement, striping, settlement mitigation, lane extension and curb and gutter. A&S Construction Co. Bid Tab
C 133A-049 (23182) ~ The project is located in Region 3 in Pitkin county.  This project consists of rockfall hazard mitigation at multiple sites along SH 133 between McClure Pass summit and Carbondale.   Rockfall mitigation will include rock scaling and stabilization, rock excavation and blasting, rockfall wire mesh installation, and building a rockfall catchment structure. This project also includes temporary and permanent erosion control, traffic control, localized highway repair, and grading the Placita waste site at MP 47.1. Geovert, LLC Bid Tab
IM M240-180 (23540) ~ The project is located in Region 2 in El Paso county.  The project consists of two-inch mill and overlay of on/off ramps at four interchanges in the Colorado Springs area: I-25 at Interquest Pkwy, Briargate Pkwy, and Academy Blvd; and SH115 at NORAD Rd./O’Connell Blvd. Various guardrail system repairs and upgrades will be required at each interchange location. EDW C Levy dba Schmidt Contruction Co.  Bid Tab

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*In the event that less than three bidders propose on a project and the low apparent bidder is beyond the statutory limit above the engineer's estimate, the project will be reviewed and potentially may be awarded with the authorization of the Department's Executive Director.

Bid Tabs for all "AWARDED" projects above will be posted as soon as the Bid Tabs can be generated. 

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