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Daily Summary STIP Report - Summary Daily STIP Report

Daily Enhanced STIP Report - Detailed STIP Report with interactive maps

Updated daily by 9am. Any questions regarding these reports should be directed to Pat Girten at 303-757-9407 or Jamie Collins at 303-757-9092.

Adopted FY 12-17 STIP

FY2012- FY2017 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

STIP as adopted by the Transportation Commission on May 19, 2011.

STIP Amendments

Click here for information on amendments to the FY12-17 STIP

Updates to the Bridge Enterprise Project list can be found here

CDOT Budget

CDOT Budget for Fiscal Year 2012

FY12 Narrative Budget

FY12 Administrative Budget

FY12 Organization Budget

CDOT Draft Budget for Fiscal Year 2013

FY13 Draft Narrative Budget

FY13 Adopted Draft Budget

Previous CDOT Budgets

Resource Allocation

2035 Statewide Plan Amendment

This document provides the details for Resource Allocation and control totals for the development of both the 2035 Statewide Plan Amendment and the FY12 - FY17 STIP.  Please go to the Resource Allocation page for more information.