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Amendments to the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

The STIP is the short-range transportation plan or capital improvement program that outlines which transportation projects are to be implemented on the state transportation network over the next six years. Occasionally, amendments must be made to the STIP. This may be due to a variety of factors, including funding changes, changes to the project scope, or a change in priority requested by a TPR or MPO.


FASTER Bridge Enterprise Funding

Candidate Projects for FY2012 - FY2017 STIP

Below is a link to a list of candidate projects to be approved by the Transportation Commission in December of 2011.  This list will be used as the base list for the FY2012 - FY2017 STIP; additions to, or deletions from, this list will be presented to the Transportation Commission on a quarterly basis. As these are candidate projects, inclusion on this list does not guarantee selection for funding. All funding requests are brought forth in the monthly Bridge Enterprise Budget Supplements for final approval.

FY12 BE Candidate Projects


Prior Funded Projects Submitted for Inclusion in the FY2012 - FY2017 STIP

The projects on the following list have received Bridge Enterprise funding. These projects were funded in FY10 and FY11 and were included in the FY2008 - FY2013 STIP; however, these projects were omitted from the Draft FY2012 - FY2017 STIP. We present these projects now for inclusion into the FY2012 - FY2017 STIP so that any further funding may be SITP'd and budgeted. Further funding, if necessary, may include bid adjustments, project closure adjustments, or additional design and construction funding that were not included in the FY2008 - FY2013 STIP.

BE Prior-Funded Projects


STIP Policy Amendments

STIP policy amendments are typically made for regionally significant projects requiring major scope changes or a re-evaulation of a NEPA document. Policy amendments may also be required for projects added or deleted from the first thre years of the STIP or a change in pooled programs (e.g., Bridge or Suface Treatment) as a result of a Transportation Commission action. Policy amendments are intiated in consultation with the affected TPR or MPO and require approval by the Colorado Transportation Commission and FHWA.


Pending and Approved 12-17 STIP Policy Amendments

Amendment Proposed Adopted
1 July 2011 7/21/11
2 August 2011 8/18/11
3 September 2011 9/15/11
4 October 2011 10/20/11
5 November 2011 11/17/11
6 December 2011 12/15/11
7 January 2012 1/19/12
8 February 2012 2/16/12
9 March 2012 3/22/12
10 April 2012 4/19/12
11 May 2012 5/17/12
12 June 2012 6/21/12
13 July 2012 7/19/12
14 August 2012


15 September 2012 9/20/12
16 October 2012 10/18/12


TIP Amendments

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) amendments are completed by the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). Once an MPO has completed its public review process and its respective Board has adopted the amendment, it is forwarded to CDOT for approval and then to FHWA and FTA for concurrence. TIP amendments can be found on the MPO websites linked below:

Denver Regional Council of Governments

Grand Valley MPO

North Front Range MPO

Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments

Pueblo Area Council of Governments


Administrative Amendments

Administrative amendments are typically smaller in scope and do not require approval by the Transportation Commission or FHWA/FTA. The need for an administrative amendment is determined through consultation between CDOT and the affected TPR or MPO. These changes can be tracked on the Daily STIP Report.

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