Subs & Suppliers - Form 205 & 1425

    Where Can I Find CDOT's Most Recent Subletting & Supplier Specifications? (scroll to June 23, 2021)

    What is Subletting?
    Subletting is basically a synonym for "subcontracting"; it refers to the transfer of certain contract responsibilities to another entity, such as when a prime contractor subcontracts a portion of the work to another contractor or supplier.

    What Forms are Required?
    Contractors must submit Form 205 (Excel document) for every subcontractor on a job, and a Form 1425 (Excel document) for every supplier. 

    Why is this a Requirement?
    According to section 108.1 of CDOT's Standard Special Provisions:

    "The Contractor shall not sublet, sell, transfer, assign, or dispose of the Contract or Contracts, or any portion thereof without written permission of the Engineer. Prior to beginning any work by subcontractor, the Contractor shall request permission from the Engineer by submitting a completed Sublet Permit Application, CDOT Form No. 205."

    205s communicate to your Project Engineer and Region Civil Rights Office the list of companies with whom the prime intends to enter into subcontracts to deliver the project. You must submit an updated 205 to your CDOT Engineer every time you bring a new subcontractor on to the project. Please remember that the Prime must perform at least 30% of the work with their own forces.

    Form 1425 - Supplier List (Excel document) is required for all suppliers you intend to use on the project for $10,000 or more.