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Per the Davis Bacon and Related Acts, Copeland Act, Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, and Fair Labor Standards Act, CDOT requires all contractors to pay prevailing wages to the labor workforce. This requirement is enforced through the submission of weekly certified payrolls through the LCPTracker system.

Wage Decisions

Prevailing wage decisions are determined by job classification and county. The Project Engineer will include the appropriate wage decision(s) in the contract, setting the expectation for paying Davis-Bacon wages. If you need a unique wage decision outside of what's in your contract, CDOT uses DOL Form 1444 - Wage Conformance Request to ask for additional classifications.

Certified Payroll

CDOT requires all contractors to submit their payroll via LCPTracker to ensure workers are being paid prevailing wages. Every member of the labor workforce on a project must be on record in LCPTracker in order for the job to remain compliant. The Prime Contractor is responsible for approving all subcontractor payrolls before submitting to CDOT for review.

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Employee Interviews

Under 29 CFR 5.5, contractors must allow CDOT to conduct employee interviews on the job site. The number of interviews required per month of active construction is based on the awarded contract dollars. Employee interviews are designed to ensure nondiscrimination on the work site, and are documented using CDOT Form 280.

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On-the-Job Training (OJT)

OJT is a federal program to develop journey-level workers in the highway construction workforce. Most commonly, these are heavy equipment operators earning trainee hours toward their employer's contractual OJT goal. CDOT subsidizes wages for OJT trainees to ensure a high-quality and affordable training environment.

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Trucking & Certified Payroll

Trucking firms have unique payroll requirements depending on their status as 1099 subcontractors, owner-operators, or W-2 employees. Please be sure to review CDOT's guidance on trucking compliance so you understand the expectations.

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FHWA 1391 - Annual Equal Employment Opportunity Report

Construction contractors who perform work on Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) assisted contracts are required to report annually on the composition of their workforce by race, gender, and job category pursuant to Title 23 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part, 230, Subpart A, Section 230.121. This reporting requirement is included in federal-aid contract provisions and applies to all prime contractors and related subcontractors with subcontracts of $10,000 or more.

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LCPTracker is CDOT's system of record for certified payroll and on-the-job training (OJT) hours. Contractors must enter payroll on a weekly basis, and report OJT trainee progress monthly.

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