Professional Services Compliance on CDOT Local Agency Contracts

This webinar will provide an overview of these requirements as they apply to contracts CDOT has with Local Agencies under an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA). We'll walk through the process for monitoring and tracking DBE participation, prompt payment, and consultant payments using the B2Gnow system.

Who is this training for? 

Decorative image  Project Oversight & Local Agencies 


  • Overview of CDOT Civil Rights Requirements
  • Types of Contracts with Interagency Agreements (IGA)
  • Local Agency Contracts (Project Specific)
  • Task Order Contracts (On Call)
  • B2GNow System Overview
  • Tracking DBE participation
  • Reporting payments from the Local Agency
  • Subconsultants/Supplier/Vendors payment confirmation
  • Tracking Prompt Payment for Subcontractors
  • CDOT Compliance Process Resources including Process Flows


  • Karen Fujii-Martin, CDOT Professional Services/Alternative Delivery Compliance Specialist, is the author of the CDOT Civil Rights professional services contract requirements. She is an expert in Professional Services compliance elements as well as the B2GNow system and how it is used to monitor DBE participation and prompt payment on contracts (Non-project Specific, On-Call, Project-Specific, and Program-Specific). Karen is also leading the development of process flow charts and training tools to support compliance on contracts for consultants as well as project oversight personnel.


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