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OJT Plan Options

There are four options for Contractor OJT Plans:

  • CDOT’s pre-approved classifications utilization program (PAC-UP);
  • A registered U.S. Department of Labor training or apprenticeship program;
  • Approved programs through other groups like Colorado Contractors Association (CCA), Western Colorado Contractors Association (WCCA), and/or workforce centers;
  • CDOT- and FHWA-approved plans specific to the Prime Contractor.

Once a Contractor has identified enrollees and has an approved plan and , they submit CDOT Form 1337 - OJT Contractor Commitment to Meet OJT Requirements at the pre-construction meeting or as soon as possible thereafter to the CDOT Project Engineer. Additional pre-approved training programs and/or additional approved trainees may be used at any point throughout the project. The plan option(s) that the Contractor chooses are effective for the duration of the project.

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