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RISE for Job Seekers

Offering a Helping Hand to Coloradans Interested in

Heavy Highway Construction Jobs

CDOT's RISE program is available to help job seekers or those looking to upskill find the training, resources, and job opportunities they need to make the most of their earning potential. RISE Advisees are eligible to receive the following services completely FREE:

  • Introduction to Highway Construction Training (3 weeks)
  • Job Placement Services
  • Priority Placement for Opportunities on CDOT Construction Projects
  • Scholarships for Future Education & Training
  • Connections to Short-Term Wraparound and Supportive Services
    • Family and Human Services 
    • Education and Training
    • Transportation
    • Child Care

RISE Advisee Eligibility

There are three criteria to receive access to RISE services:

  1. Colorado Resident with a Current Drivers Licence
  2. 16 Years of Age or Older (18+ to work on a job site)
  3. Ability to Pass a Drug Test (incl. marijuana)

Where RISE Is Available

Right now, RISE is focused on recruiting for the US 550/160 Connection project in Durango. Job seekers in the 4 Corners area are encouraged to contact RISE today!

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