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FFY22-24 Triennial FHWA DBE Goal

CDOT is in the process of setting its three-year overall annual FHWA DBE goal, which is proposed at 11.89%. Public comments are open until 6/25/21 and may be submitted in a variety of ways:

2829 W. Howard Pl., 1st Floor

Denver, CO 80204

[email protected] or (303) 757-9234

Determination of the triennial DBE goal includes identifying a base figure for the relative availability of DBEs based on demonstrable evidence of the availability of ready, willing, and able DBEs as compared to the availability of all businesses participating on federally‐funded DOT‐assisted contracts. In accordance with 49 CFR 26.45, CDOT’s goal methodology consists of two steps:

  1. Establishing the base figure for the relative availability of DBEs, and
  2. Adjusting to the base figure as a result of available data.

To establish the base figure and determine the relative availability of DBEs to perform work on CDOT projects, CDOT evaluated:

  • Relevant market area for contractor participation;
  • Potential contracting opportunities in construction, professional services, and design-build;
  • Availability and capacity of DBE certified firms to participate on those potential contracts;
  • Anecdotal evidence gathered through online surveys, association meetings, and a public comment period.