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CDOT pursues a variety of avenues to ensure that certified ESBs get work on contracts. 

Participation Incentives: CDOT offers incentives to prime contractors for the use of ESB firms on its contracts. On large design-build projects, prime contractors are given a financial incentive for meeting participation thresholds. On consultant contracts, prime contractors receive up to four points for committing to ESB participation on the contract.

Restricted Projects: A restricted project is one in which only certified ESB firms may submit a proposal. Currently, CDOT offers restricted projects in construction that are under $1,000,000 and in consulting that are under $150,000. The ESB firm must be prequalified, able to meet CDOT bond requirements, and able to perform at least 30% of the work.

Mentor-Protégé Program: The CDOT ESB Mentor-Protégé Program provides opportunities for ESBs to hone their business skills by working closely with established firms in highway construction or professional services. The program helps CDOT (and the transportation industry in general) build a more effective and diverse consultant base.

Coming Soon: Bond Guarantee Program: More information about this innovative effort is coming soon!

Business support: CDOT provides business development assistance to ESB firms, such as one-on-one and class business management training, transportation specific consultations, sponsored electronic plan room accounts, and invitations to networking events. 

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