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Ryan Sisson

President, Project Leader
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 303-547-4835

Company Overview

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RMS, Inc. is a local, ESB-certified firm that provides specialized engineering and consulting services for all types of transportation infrastructure from major freeways, bridges, and interchanges to multi-modal urban streets and intersections.

They have worked on a variety of CDOT projects, including:

  • I-270 Critical Bridges
  • I-25 Express Lanes: Segments 5 & 6
  • I-25 & Alameda Bridge Replacement
  • Express Lanes Direct Connects: I-25/I-270/US36 Interchange
  • Region 1 Design and Management Support for North and West Programs

Learn more about RMS by visiting their website RMSMobility.com or find them on  RMS LinkedIn page .