Application, Scoring & Selection

2022 New Team Application

For 2022, Teams will submit their application via JotForm, but a downloadable PDF is available for you to reference as you prepare your responses.

2022 Application Scoring

There are three sections to the 2022 ESB Mentor-Protege program scoring rubric:
  1. Eligibility (Pass/Fail)
  2. Subjective Scoring: Quality of Vision, Degree of Commitment, and Degree of Readiness (Rating, 1-5)
  3. Preferential Scoring: Up to 5 additional pass/fail points are available for Teams with characteristics that support the ESB Mentor-Protege Program Purpose

Team Selection

For 2022, the Selection Committee will be composed of:


  • Keith Stefanik, Deputy Chief Engineer
  • Abra Geisler, I-25 North Project Director
  • Roland Wagner, R3 PEIII
  • Greg Diehl, Civil Rights
  • Cathy Kramer, Connect2DOT


  • Heidi Gordon, ACEC Colorado

Team Liaison

  • Helga Grunerud

Selections will be communicated by mid-December.