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Primary Industry Classification

To determine whether a business is small, CDOT will determine the applicant’s primary industry. A firm's primary industry is the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) designation which best describes the firm's primary business. CDOT will consider factors such as sources of revenue, equipment, expertise and percentage of time and work force dedicated to such business. A firm is small if its average annual gross revenues are less than one-half of the corresponding size standard established by the SBA for the firm's Primary Industry Classification. The overall cap for the ESB Program is one-half of the DBE Program size standard;  the current maximum average annual gross receipts for the ESB Program is $11.205 million.

A certified ESB may request reconsideration of its Primary Industry Classification by submitting a written request to CDOT’s Civil Rights & Business Resource Center. The request must outline the reasons for the request and provide any supplemental information that will assist CDOT in making a determination. An ESB may only make one change request within a year.

Submit requests for reconsideration of Primary Industry Classification to:

Colorado Department of Transportation
Civil Rights & Business Resource Center
4201 E. Arkansas Ave., Room 150
Denver, CO 80222
Contact the CRBRC

Civil Rights & Business Resource Center
2829 W. Howard Pl.
Denver, CO 80204
P 303-757-9234  /800-925-3427
F 303-952-7088

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