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Date: January 31, 2008. Location: CDOT Region HQ.

NOTE: All documents described here are located to the left under Quick Links unless otherwise linked on the page.

Thank you for your interest and response in performing engineering services for the above-captioned project of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

We will not hold an interview for this selection, which means CDOT intends to hire up to two (2) consultant teams for this work. Please submit five (5) copies of your Statement of Interest (SOI)/Work Plan (WP) submittal to accommodate the members of the board.  Please refer to the SOI/WP instructions to ensure compliance with the page and exhibit limits for the SOI/WP sections of your submittal.  Submit all copies of Statement of Interest/Work Plan by the due date and time as stated in the "Invitation for Consultant Services."

Note: For the Capacity factor included in the Statement of Interest portion of the consultant's submittal, and described in the SOI/WP Preparation Instructions For Consultants, the prime firm must show, for the prime firm or any member of its team, capacity in the following disciplines:  BR - Bridge Design. 

By submitting an SOI/WP on this project the consultant is deemed to agree to the process described herein.  You must be on the CDOT's list of pre-qualified consultants to be considered on this project.

CDOT will notify you of the result of the selection by electronic mail.  Please include e-mail address or fax number in your cover letter. 

For a complete consultant selection package for this project, please print the following documents located to the left under Quick Links:

  • Notice to Consultants

  • Key Event Schedule

  • Invitation For Consultants

  • Scope of Work

  • Consultant Scoring Form

  • Statement of Interest (SOI) Instructions

If you have any questions/comments, please call the following CDOT personnel:

Golda Davydov, Project Manager (303) 512-4200 Scope of Work
Mike Dapcevich (303) 757-9618 Pre-qualification
Michael M. Como, Contracting Officer

(303) 512-4008

Consultant Selection Process
Karen Gonzales (303) 757-9162 Emerging Small Business (ESB)

Please refer to the following links and CDOT website addresses for the most up-to-date UDBE/DBE and ESB Consultant Lists and Information.

  •  ESB List  (

It is recommended that the SOI/WP be prepared in a 10 or 12 point font only.  If a smaller font is used, it may reflect negatively on your scores. A page for the submittal is a standard 8-1/2 x 11 inch sheet and printed on one side only. If there is any conflict between these Instructions and the guidelines in the Public Advertisement (Notice to Consultants), the information in the Public Advertisement takes precedence.

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