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Notice to Consultants

Date: 12/01/11. Project Info: PS CM/GC Consultant Services Twin Tunnels Widening Project IM 0703-383 (18832). Location: Region1. REVISION BELOW SEE NOTE 12/8/11
Contact Information

Ben Acimovic, Project Manager
(303) 512-5814
Scope of Work

Bernie Rasmussen
(303) 757-9400

Jill Sweeney, Contracting Officer
(303) 757-9398
Consultant Selection Process

Sabra Erving
(303) 512-4140

NOTE: All documents described here are located to the left under Quick Links unless otherwise linked on the page.

Thank you for your interest and response in performing engineering services for the above-captioned project of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

We will use the "interview process" for this selection, which means CDOT will short-list no less than three firms based on the Statement of Interest (SOI)/Work Plan (WP) submittal. Short-listed firms will be invited for a presentation/interview. Please submit seven (7) copies of your SOI/WP to accommodate the members of the board. Please refer to the SOI/WP instructions to ensure compliance with the page and exhibit limits for the SOI/WP sections of your submittal. Submit all copies of Statement of Interest/Work Plan by the due date and time as stated in the "Invitation for Consultant Services."




CDOT has made a commitment to employ Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) on all projects in the I-70 Mountain Corridor.  The project will require the consultant to coordinate with CDOT with the continued implementation of CSS as defined in the I-70 Mountain Corridor Guidance , including coordination with various stakeholders.  It is the consultant’s responsibility to demonstrate in the single page Work Plan Appendix their understanding of the Guidance, the 6-Steps, and how they will be used on this project.

The consultant will coordinate with the Project Leadership Team (PLT) and Technical Team (TT) for the Twin Tunnels projects.  Final scope and details of the design for the improvements I-70 within the project limits will be refined and developed through the PLT. The consultant will not be responsible for forming the PLT or the Technical Team or managing CSS but will be responsible for following the design and aesthetic guidelines of the I-70 CSS agreement.


The consultant will be responsible for:

  • Project Management;
  • Data Collection of Items not already collected during the Environmental Assessment;
  • Project Coordination
  • Preliminary and Final Design of applicable LLTP and Construction Phase Plans, Specifications, and Estimate Bid Packages;
  • Services after Design;
  • All other efforts and deliverables as indicated in this contract;
  • All work will be in conformance with the I-70 Final PEIS/ROD and the I-70 Twin Tunnels Environmental Assessment.

NOTE: This has been revised**** See Attached Addendum

Note: For the Capacity factor included in the Statement of Interest portion of the consultant's submittal, and described in the SOI/WP Preparation Instructions For Consultants, the prime firm must show, for the prime firm or any member of its team, capacity in the following disciplines:

AC – Acoustical Engineering, AR – Architecture, BR – Bridge Design, BI – Bridge Inspection, CE – Civil Engineering, EL – Electrical Engineering, EN – Environmental, Engineering, GE – Geotechnical Engineering, HD – Highway & Street Design, HY- Hydraulics, ITS – Intelligent Transportation Systems, LA – Landscape Architecture, MA – Management (Contract Admin), ME – Mechanical Engineering, MT-Materials Testing, SO – Soils Engineering, SE – Structural Engineering, SU – Surveying, T – Tunnel Engineering, TP – Transportation Engineering,  and TR –Traffic Engineering.

The SOW Addendum now reads this:

This contract requires that the prime firm or any member of its team, be pre-qualified in the following disciplines for the entire length of the contract. The major disciplines listed for the Workload Capacity factor that should be covered are:

BR – Bridge Design, GE – Geotechnical Engineering, CE – Civil Engineering, HD – Highway & Street Design, SE – Structural Engineering, TU – Tunneling

Minor and Supporting disciplines listed for Workload capacity factor that should be covered are:

HY – Hydraulics, EL – Electrical Engineering, R – Traffic Engineering.


By submitting an SOI/WP on this project the consultant is deemed to agree to the process described herein.  You must be on the CDOT's list of pre-qualified consultants to be considered on this project.

CDOT will inform you of the short-list result by electronic mail.  Please include e-mail address or fax number in your cover letter.

For a complete consultant selection package for this project, please print the following documents located to the left under Quick Links:

  • Notice to Consultants

  • Key Event Schedule

  • Invitation for Consultant Services

  • Draft Scope of Work

  • Consultant Scoring Form

  • Statement of Interest (SOI) Instructions

Interested consultants may also pick-up the consultant selection package at CDOT Headquarters, 4201 E. Arkansas Avenue, 4th Floor - West, Denver, Colorado.

If you have any questions/comments regarding this consultant selection package, please call the following CDOT personnel:

If your firm is interested in submitting a Statement of Interest for this project, please sign-up by contacting the Contracting Officer.  Indicate your firm's name, this project number and/or project name.  The Sign-up list will be used by the Contracting Officer to notify consultants of any amendments and/or additional project information.

Please refer to the following links and CDOT website addresses for the most up-to-date UDBE/DBE and ESB Consultant Lists and Information.

It is recommended that the SOI/WP be prepared in a 10 or 12 point font only.  If a smaller font is used, it may reflect negatively on your scores. A page for the submittal is a standard 8-1/2 x 11 inch sheet and printed on one side only. If there is any conflict between these Instructions and the guidelines in the Public Advertisement (Notice to Consultants), the information in the Public Advertisement takes precedence.

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