Financial Qualification Brochure-MPA

UPDATED 02/16/24: The Financial Qualification Brochure will assist a consultant in filing its Financial Qualification Package to obtain or renew a Master Pricing Agreement (MPA) with the CDOT Audit Division, which includes completing the fillable forms provided below. The Audit Division does not accept hard copies, please email the Financial Qualification Package to [email protected]. Please include the firm's name and type of MPA review being requested in the email subject line as follows: Company Name - MPA Review or Company Name - DSR Review or Company Name - ICR Review or Company name - Fee Schedule Review.
Consultant Financial Qualification Brochure

This brochure describes the Financial Qualification Package documentation a consultant is required to submit based on the type of MPA review being requested. It also provides instructions for completing the documentation and explains the Audit Division's review process.