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Project Delivery Selection Matrix

Contains active projects that have used the various project delivery methods for design and construction.
Project Delivery Selection Matrix - Blank Form

The project delivery method is the process by which a construction project is comprehensively designed and constructed. Currently, there are several types of project delivery systems available for publicly funded transportation projects in the Colorado. This document provides a formal approach for CDOT highway project delivery selection.

US 287 Relocation (MP 352.55 to MP 362.97)

CM/GC Project Delivery Method was decided to be the most appropriate delivery method because early contractor involvement with construction phasing and developing contingency plans are critical to the success of the project. Risk register can be utilized to mitigate risks and prevent delays during construction. Contractor chosen based on qualifications specific to the complexities of the project. Early investigative construction packages can be utilized to collect data necessary to mitigate risk/delays during construction. Project Team collaboration can result in early cost certainty and the independent cost estimators can help determine price reasonableness. Easy to add/revise scope as design and coordination efforts progress.

I-25 South Gap Project from Monument to Castle Rock

CMGC was determined to be the most appropriate delivery method to meet project goals and to take the best advantages of design innovation. CMGC provides the quickest opportunity to get a contractor on board, to mitigate delays in high risk areas, and to potentially get an early package under construction by November 2018. CMGC shares risks between CDOT and the contractor, which the most appropriate with the pavement risks.

NORTH I-25 EXPRESS LANES from Johnstown to Fort Collins

August 2016. Region 4. Design Build was selected to be the preferred delivery method because CDOT wants to maximize scope for the available funds through the use of ARE’s. A design build project will allow contractors to compete to determine which team can give CDOT the most scope within our budget using innovative designs (Best Value).

I-70G Edwards Spur Road Phase 2

CM/GC was selected as the optimal delivery selection method based on the opportunity to include the CM/GC in the design process and the ability to include the CM/GC input on design issues and overall constructability and cost.


Design-Build - Evaluation of the project finds that there is significant opportunity for innovative approaches to save cost, time of completion and to reduce motorist inconvenience. Design funds for the consultant are needed to complete the design and it was decided to run the delivery selection matrix before seeking funds for completion of a Design Bid Build package.

Bridge Replacement: SH 030A (F-17-GP)

Design Build (Streamlined) - This provides the opportunity for the Design Build Team to entertain several options that are innovative in both design and construction. The project should be designed and constructed in the shortest amount of time possible.

Sliding Bridges - R2

CM/GC - Contractor's input is necessary for means and methods to roll/slide the bridge.

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