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Section 600 - Miscellaneous Construction (Revised on May 13, 2016)

The section covers Structural Concrete, Reinforcing Steel, Culverts and Sewers, Manholes, Inlets, Meter Vaults, Subsurface Drains, Guardrail, Fences, Sidewalks and Bikeways, Curb and Gutter, Median Cover Material, Cattle Guards, Delineators and Reflectors, Lighting, Traffic Control Devices, Water Control Devices, Siphons, Prestressed Concrete, Water Lines, Field Facilities, Rest Areas and Buildings, Irrigation System, Drainage Pipe, Construction Surveying, Mobilization, Pavement Marking, Survey Monumentation, Construction Zone Traffic Control, and Appendices of Conference Agendas, Example Letters, Notices, Forms, Change Order Examples, and Mics Data.
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