Superseded Construction Bulletins

Traffic Control Personnel Apparel

2005-3. April 14, 2005. 2003 MUTCD - Allows either fluorescent orange-red or fluorescent yellow-green "apparel" (safety vests and hardhats).

Flagger Apparel.doc

2004-2. June 11, 2004. CDOT is currently requiring all of our employee highway construction and maintenance workers, including CDOT flaggers, to wear the yellow-green vests and an orange hardhat.

Flagger Apparel

2004-2. June 11, 2004. Until such time as the 2003 version of the MUTCD is adopted, appropriate flagger apparel will be an orange or yellow-green vest, and an orange hardhat.


2004-1. March 22, 2004. Required anti-segregation kits on bituminous pavers.

Change Orders

2003-3. October 30, 2003. Use Form 90 instead of Form 94 for all Change Orders, including Minor Contract Revisions (MCR's).

Emergency Construction Projects

2003-2. September 23, 2003. Definition, Scope, Procedure, and Contractor Selection for Emergency Work. (An emergency is a situation that creates an immediate threat to public health, welfare, or safety, the functioning of state government, or preservation or protection of property).