Superseded Design Bulletins

2019 CDOT Engineering Estimate Request

2019-3. May 8, 2019. (Revised on February 17, 2022 by DB-2022-2) The Engineering Estimates and Market Analysis (EEMA) Branch is implementing a new process to request Engineering Estimates for projects.

Curb Ramp Variance Submission Guidance

2017-2. August 3, 2017. Per the updated PD 605.1, any curb ramp (or other Accessibility Feature) that cannot be installed without a deviation from the M & S Standard Plans must be documented using the Design Exemption Variance Request Form #464 and Curb Ramp Variance Support Document. This bulletin offers guidance on preparing and submitting the documents for approval by the Program Engineer.

Guidelines for FIPI and Certification Procedures

2014-11. September 23, 2014. Superseded on June 8, 2020. The purpose of this Design Bulletin is to provide guidance for Findings in the Public Interest (FIPI) and the Certification Processes for Proprietary Items.

Soil Retention Coverings

2014-8. July 8, 2014. Superseded on July 24, 2015. This design bulletin replaces the guidance in the Erosion Control and Stormwater Quality Guide, Chapter 5, Sections EC 5 and 6, and provides design staff with guidance on how to select and place Soil Retention Coverings on slopes and in roadside ditches in accordance with new Standard Special Provision, “Revision of Section 216 – Soil Retention Covering”.

SAP Milestone Schedule

2014-4. November 24, 2015. Superseded on December 11, 2015. Project managers must enter specific milestone dates into SAP Project Builder as part of CDOT’s critical path method scheduling used to manage project schedules. These milestone dates are used by the Program Management Office to develop master program schedules, forecast construction expenditures, and monitor key performance indicators. Timely and accurate entry and maintenance of milestone dates by the project manager is crucial to implementation of program and cash management at CDOT. Resident Engineers on up through executive management may adjust project schedules to align with cash availability.

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)

2012-3. December 13, 2012. Provides general guidance as to the use of accelerated bridge construction techniques on a project that contains one or more bridges.

Assigning Pavement Smoothness Categories

2011-3. Revised on February 22, 2016. Superseded on January 12, 2017. This design bulletin provides guidance to designers for assigning pavement smoothness categories for hot mix asphalt and Portland cement concrete pavements.

Drawdown Schedules for Design

2010-7. September 24, 2010. This design bulletin provides guidance on creating and maintaining drawdown schedules, which are required for all projects that use funds to pay third parties (consultants, utilities, railroads, purchasing, ROW, and others). Drawdowns are not needed for local agency projects that do not use state funds.

FASTER Bridge Enterprise Projects

2010-6. September 24, 2010. Legislation titled Funding Advancements for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery (FASTER) passed recently to increase the state’s ability to improve structures and roadway safety in Colorado. This design bulletin applies only to the FASTER Bridge Enterprise funding portion of this legislation.

FASTER Project Signs

2010-5. August 18, 2010. Provides guidance on the design and placement of mandatory signs to be installed on projects that are funded with FASTER funds.

Retaining Bid Surplus Funds

2010-4. March 17, 2010. Adds section 8.27, Retaining Bid Surplus Funds, to the Project Development Manual. Section 8.27 provides guidance on retaining surplus funds when a bid results in surplus funds on the project.

CDOT Pipe Material Selection Policy

2010-1. March 2, 2010. This policy provides additional performance criteria for the selection of pipes in highway projects by CDOT designers.

Interim Pipe Type Selection Guidance

2009-6. August 10, 2009. Remind Resident Engineers and designers that to be in compliance with FHWA requirements and federal law on federally funded projects, project engineers must document engineering decisions justifying specific pipe type selection.

Signature Projects

2009-3. February 26, 2009. Adds section 1.12, Signature Projects, to the Project Development Manual

Stimulus Project Guidance

2009-2. February 26, 2009. Provides guidance on applying the new federal economic recovery stimulus funds on CDOT projects.