Local Agency Manual 2006 (Superseded by the 2022 CDOT Local Agency Project Desk Reference)

The main purpose of the CDOT Local Agency Manual is to assist Local Agency personnel (a public agency, local public agency, established public owned organization, or private interest that can legally enter into an agreement with CDOT for a transportation project) involved in the design, construction and management of State and Federally funded projects. The Manual is also recommended for CDOT personnel who manage Local Agency projects.
Table of Contents

Revised on June 2020. Introduction, Registration Form and Notice of Needed Corrections, Acknowledgements, Chapters 1-11, Appendices A-E, & Local Agency Project Flowchart

Chapter 1

Revised May 2015. Project Application.

Chapter 3

Revised on July 2020. CDOT/Local Agency Inter-Governmental Agreements

Chapter 4

Federal Funding Obligation and Authorization

Chapter 5

Revised on June 2020. Project Development

Chapter 6

Revised on March 31, 2016. Project Development Civil Rights and Labor Compliance

Chapter 7

Revised on July 2020. Advertise, Bid, and Award of Construction Projects

Chapter 8

Revised on March 31, 2016. Construction Management

Chapter 9

Revised on November 6, 2015. Materials

Chapter 10

Revised on March 31, 2016. Construction Civil Rights and Labor Compliance

CDOT Form 1243

Local Agency Contract Administration Checklist. Revised October 2021.