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CDOT's V8 2004 Configuration

CDOT's V8 XM Configuration

CDOT's V8i SS2, XM, and 2004 configuration archive

Training and Learning Resources for CADD, MicroStation, and InRoads - Includes training materials for MicroStation V8i-SS2 & InRoads V8i-SS2, MicroStation XM & InRoads XM, MicroStation 2004 & InRoads 2004, the CADD Training Curriculum, the CDOT 2011 & 2005 CADD Manuals, and other resources.

CADD Tips and Tricks for MicroStation 2004, MicroStation 3D 2004, InRoads 2004, Miscellaneous, and External Tips.

CADD "How-To" Workflows for V8 XM, V8 2004, Survey/Row.

CDOT CADD/Project Development websites