MicroStation & InRoads V8i SS2 /SS4 /SS10 Information

For CDOT's V8i SS2 - Version 05.06.00 (Revised on 11/12/15). Version 05.05.00 (Released on 01/16/13). XM Version 04.01.00, and 2004 Version 03.02.03. (These changes are automatic for CDOT users.)

CDOT's V8i SS2 Configuration

Configuration Documents

County Maps.dgns - These map files (released date 5/14/07) can assist you in creating Project Title sheets. Refer to the "Workflow MS 8 - Title Sheet Vicinity Map.pdf", under CADD Workflows -> V8i SS2 for further county map workflow instructions.

County Maps.exe - Please refer to County Maps.dgns website above for your maps. The County Maps.exe file here is too big to download.

"How To" Workflows

MicroStation V8i SS2 Training Videos

CDOT's V8i SS4 Configuration - Updated on March 15, 2021.  This page gives you access to the latest available the CDOT configuration files for Bentley's V8i SS4 software.

CDOT V8i SS4, Version 06.01.02 (Updates Only) - Zip file (87 mb) - Updated on March 15, 2021. Updates have been made to the ROW Tabulation of Properties and sheet border files. These updated sheets are included in the V06.01.02 zip file. The updated tab sheet must be in use by April 28, 2021, because acquiring land parcels will be part of the Chief Engineer's review. If this zip file is too big to directly download, then please right-mouse click on the link, choose either the "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" command, then you can download it to your computer.

CDOT Workspace For MicroStation SS4 And InRoads - This document provides information about CDOT’s new workspace that is to be used with MicroStation SS4, InRoads SS4, and InRoads SS2.

CDOT Configuration ReadMe - V06.01.02 - Updated on March 15, 2021. This release enhances features and fixes problems that have been reported since the last issuance.

"How To" Workflows

Chief Engineer's memo - An update has been made to the ROW Tabulation of Properties and to the sheet border files. This tab sheet must be in use by July 31, 2019. The reasons for acquiring the parcels will be part of the Chief Engineer’s review.