ProjectWise Workflows

Installation files for Consultants

In conjunction with Workflow 13. Contains the zip files for consultants to download to create hyperlinks to ProjectWise documents in Gmail.

ProjectWise Workflow 3 - ProjectWise CFG Creation

This workflow will guide you through the process of creating project configuration (CFG) files using the ProjectWise Advanced Document Creation Wizard. These files are used to associate project staff with their respective roles on the project. These associations are then used to populate attribute drop down menus. In addition, these files provide information to custom applications which are used to automate tasks and messaging for Workflows and States.

ProjectWise Workflow 10 - ProjectWise Web Access Operations

This describes the Web-based method for accessing project data from existing CDOT ProjectWise datasources. It is intended for agencies and consultants authorized to access ProjectWise but do not have the ProjectWise Client software. The Web Interface can only be used on non CADD/Civil Data. Users must have a valid CDOT Log in with ProjectWise access.

ProjectWise Workflow 13 - Gmail Link Tool For Consultants

This document describes the procedures necessary for consultants to add ProjectWise document hyperlinks within emails so CDOT users can open them using Gmail. Hyperlinks created without this tool will not work for CDOT users using Gmail.

ProjectWise Workflow 15 - Electronic Submittal of Project Plan Award Sets Using ProjectWise

This workflow covers the procedure for uploading final Award submittal Plan Sets to a regional Award_Sets folder in ProjectWise. This procedure should be used only for the final complete Award Plan Set (with all Plan and Spec sheets and all revisions) that is ready to be printed. Incomplete Plan Sets cannot be used to activate the construction phase of the project. The workflow includes procedures for both the Reproduction team and Regional team members that are assigned to complete the electronic plan award process after they have been notified by the Reproduction team.

Tips for Using ProjectWise

How to create a new project in ProjectWise, work with MicroStation and InRoads inside ProjectWise, and using Microsoft products with ProjectWise.