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CDOT's V8i SS4 Configuration for Consultants

For CDOT's V8i SS4 - V06.01.03. Released on September 3, 2020. (These upgrades are automatic for CDOT users.)
CDOT Configuration ReadMe - V06.01.03

Updated on September 3, 2020. This release enhances features and fixes problems that have been reported since the last issuance. Updates made to Documentation for additional workflows, Custom Programs for Menu update/fix, MicroStation Configuration, and plotting.

CDOT V8i SS4, Version 06.01.03 - Zip file (82 mb)

Updated on September 3, 2020. Updates have been made to the ROW Tabulation of Properties and sheet border files. These updated sheets are included in the V06.01.03 zip file. The updated tab sheet must be in use by July 31, 2019, because acquiring land parcels will be part of the Chief Engineer's review. If this zip file is too big to directly download, then please right-mouse click on the link, choose either the "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" command, then you can download it to your computer.

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