Asphalt Cement Cost Adjustment for Hardisty WCS

Please note: THE CURRENT ASPHALT CEMENT COST ADJUSTMENT FOR HARDISTY WCS PRICES ARE NOW IN THE "2021 CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS" WEBSITE. PLEASE UPDATE ANY BOOKMARKS. As of July 31, 2015, Flint Hills Resources stopped posting their daily prices for Hardisty WCS. Now they post only an once per month differential (less than) price in US$/BBL compared to West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (WTI) daily prices. There are 6.65 BBLs of crude oil (average gravity) in a short ton (source: USGS). The monthly average oil prices are in American dollars per short ton (2000 lbs).
Oil Prices for the First Day of the Month

Includes the crude oil prices to be used to calculate the Asphalt Cement Cost Adjustment resulting from changes in the price of crude oil. These oil prices are based on Cenovus' (formerly EnCana) price for Western Canadian Select @ Hardisty (stream/stream) posted on their website. All prices posted here are in American dollars per ton.