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Please note, CDOT has recently moved its Headquarters and Region 1 HQ to: 2829 W. Howard Place,  Denver, CO  80204.  Please update this address change in all documents that still have the old CDOT address (4201 E. Arkansas Ave. Denver, CO 80224) in them.  All documents with the old address are still official and good to use. Thank you.

December 12, 2017. Work Zone Safety Guidelines for Engineering and Maintenance. This Memorandum hereby replaces the Work Zone Safety Guidelines Chief Engineer memo dated July 10, 2012.

September 13, 2017. Traffic Control Industry Adherence to Regulations regarding Employee PayThis memo is intended to provide clarification regarding what CDOT deems to be acceptable applications of the regulations related to employees pay that apply to projects with Federal funding to ensure consistent understanding and practice.

September 11, 2017. Guidance on archiving Construction/Engineering records in ProjectWiseThis memorandum provides guidance on archiving construction/engineering and specialty group documents in ProjectWise. Many of our Project Engineers are consultants and will need access to ProjectWise to comply with this memo. These 2 additional documents explain how consultants can access ProjectWise and how to install Cisco AnyConnect VPN to access the CDOT network from outside the CDOT intranet. For more information on ProjectWise, please see CDOT's CADD and ProjectWise website.

April 3, 2017. CDOT Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Construction Program Manual. This Chief Engineer Memorandum directs the execution of CDOT's MS4 Construction Program Manual and associated implementation plan.  

November 10, 2016.  Revision to Guidance Recommendation: Formal Adoption of AASHTO 2011 Green Book on CDOT Projects. The purpose of this memorandum is to formally adopt the AASHTO 2011, A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, 6th Edition (Green Book) as guidance for use on all CDOT highway projects. 

September 12, 2016. ADA Title II Program Update - This memo is intended to provide employees with information regarding CDOT's commitment to the Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Program, provide a status update on ADA curb ramps on CDOT roadways, and provide direction on next steps related to furthering mobility and accessibility for all users of the transportation system. 

March 28, 2016. EPA Audit Finding - Compliance with Specification 208.09 - Failure to preform erosion control - Stormwater management process changes initiated by the findings of the March 2015 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Audit.  Construction Bulletin 2016-2 Water Quality Control

February 23, 2016Guidance for Charging Time to Eligible Federal Aid Projects and Indirects - This memo provides guidance on charging time to federal aid projects and indirect pools. It includes five attachments listed below.

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