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Review Project to ensure it is consist with STIP and amendments thereto


Authorize funding by phases (CDOT Form 418 - Federal-aid Program Data. Requires FHWA concurrence/involvement)


Prepare Design Data - CDOT Form 463

Prepare Local Agency/CDOT Inter-Governmental Agreement (see also Chapter 3)

Conduct Consultant Selection/Execute Consultant Agreement

Conduct Design Scoping Review Meeting

Conduct Public Involvement

Conduct Field Inspection Review (FIR)

Conduct Environmental Processes (may require FHWA concurrence/involvement)

Acquire Right-of-Way (may require FHWA concurrence/involvement)

Obtain Utility and Railroad Agreements

Conduct Final Office Review (FOR)

Justify Force Account Work by the Local Agency

Justify Proprietary, Sole Source, or Local Agency Furnished Items

Document Design Exceptions - CDOT Form 464

Prepare Plans, Specifications and Construction Cost Estimates

Ensure Authorization of Funds for Construction


Set Underutilized Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (UBDE) Goals for Consultant and Construction Contracts (CDOT Region EEO/Civil Rights Specialist)

Determine Applicability of Davis-Bacon Act

This project ___ is  ___ is not  exempt from Davis-Bacon requirements as determined by the functional classification of the project location (Projects located on local roads and rural minor collectors may be exempt.)


CDOT Resident Engineer (Signature on File):




Set On-the-Job Training Goals. Goal is zero if total construction is less than $1 million (CDOT Region EEO/Civil Rights Specialist)

Title VI Assurances

Ensure the correct Federal Wage Decision, all required Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/On-the-Job Training special provisions and FHWA Form 1273 are included in the Contract (CDOT Resident Engineer)


Obtain Approval for Advertisement Period of Less Than Three Weeks

Advertise for Bids

Distribute “Advertisement Set” of Plans and Specifications

Review Worksite and Plan Details with Prospective Bidders While Project Is Under Advertisement

Open Bids

Process Bids for Compliance

Check CDOT Form 715 - Certificate of Proposed Underutilized DBE Participation when the low bidder meets UDBE goals

Evaluate CDOT Form 718 - Underutilized DBE Good Faith Effort Documentation and determine if the Contractor has made a good faith effort when the low bidder does not meet DBE goals

Submit required documentation for CDOT award concurrence

Concurrence from CDOT to Award

Approve Rejection of Low Bidder

Award Contract

Provide “Award” and “Record” Sets of Plans and Specifications


Issue Notice to Proceed to the Contractor

Project Safety

Conduct Conferences:

Pre-Construction Conference (Appendix B)


Construction staking


Partnering (Optional)

Structural Concrete Pre-Pour (Agenda is in CDOT Construction Manual)

Concrete Pavement Pre-Paving (Agenda is in CDOT Construction Manual)

HMA Pre-Paving (Agenda is in CDOT Construction Manual)

Develop and distribute Public Notice of Planned Construction to media and local residents

Supervise Construction

A Professional Engineer (PE) registered in Colorado, who will be “in responsible charge of construction supervision.”

Local Agency Professional Engineer or                       Phone number

CDOT Resident Engineer

______________________________                     ______________


Provide competent, experienced staff who will ensure the Contract work is constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications

Construction inspection and documentation

Approve Shop Drawings

Perform Traffic Control Inspections

Perform Construction Surveying

Monument Right-of-Way

Prepare and Approve Interim and Final Contractor Pay Estimates

Provide the name and phone number of the person authorized for this task.

Local Agency Representative                 Phone number
_______________________                ____________

Prepare and Approve Interim and Final Utility and Railroad Billings

Prepare Local Agency Reimbursement Requests

Prepare and Authorize Change Orders

Approve All Change Orders


Conduct Materials Pre-Construction Meeting

Complete CDOT Form 250 - Materials Documentation Record

Generate form, which includes determining the minimum number of required tests and applicable material submittals for all materials placed on the project

Update the form as work progresses

Complete and distribute form after work is completed

Perform Project Acceptance Samples and Tests

Perform Laboratory Verification Tests

Accept Manufactured Products

Inspection of structural components:

Fabrication of structural steel and pre-stressed concrete structural components

Bridge modular expansion devices (0” to 6” or greater)

Fabrication of bearing devices

Approve Sources of Materials

Independent Assurance Testing (IAT), Local Agency Procedures 0 CDOT Procedures 0

Generate IAT schedule

Schedule and provide notification

Conduct IAT

Approve mix designs


Hot mix asphalt

Check Final Materials Documentation

Complete and Distribute Final Materials Documentation


Fulfill Project Bulletin Board and Pre-Construction Packet Requirements

Process CDOT Form 205 - Sublet Permit Application

Review and sign completed CDOT Form 205 for each subcontractor, and submit to EEO/Civil Rights Specialist

Conduct Equal Employment Opportunity and Labor Compliance Verification Employee Interviews.  Complete CDOT Form 280

Monitor Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation to Ensure Compliance with the “Commercially Useful Function” Requirements

Conduct Interviews When Project Utilizes On-the-Job Trainees. Complete CDOT Form 200 - OJT Training Questionnaire

Check Certified Payrolls (Contact the Region EEO/Civil Rights Specialists for training requirements.)

Submit FHWA Form 1391 - Highway Construction Contractor’s Annual EEO Report


Conduct Final Project Inspection. Complete and submit CDOT Form 1212 - Final Acceptance Report (Resident Engineer with mandatory Local Agency participation.)

Write Final Project Acceptance Letter

Advertise for Final Settlement

Prepare and Distribute Final As-Constructed Plans

Prepare EEO Certification

Check Final Quantities, Plans, and Pay Estimate; Check Project Documentation; and submit Final Certifications

Check Material Documentation and Accept Final Material Certification (See Chapter 9)

Obtain CDOT Form 17 from the Contractor and Submit to the Resident Engineer

Obtain FHWA Form 47 - Statement of Materials and Labor Used …  from the Contractor

Complete and Submit CDOT Form 1212 – Final Acceptance Report (by CDOT)

Process Final Payment

Complete and Submit CDOT Form 950 - Project Closure

Retain Project Records for Six Years from Date of Project Closure

Retain Final Version of Local Agency Contract Administration Checklist