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Project Delivery Selection Matrix

Contains active projects that have used the various project delivery methods for design and construction.
File RealAudio broadcast Project Delivery Selection Approach - Blank Form
The project delivery method is the process by which a construction project is comprehensively designed and constructed. Currently, there are several types of project delivery systems available for publicly funded transportation projects in the Colorado. This document provides a formal approach for CDOT highway project delivery selection.
File I-25 South Gap Project from Monument to Castle Rock
CMGC was determined to be the most appropriate delivery method to meet project goals and to take the best advantages of design innovation. CMGC provides the quickest opportunity to get a contractor on board, to mitigate delays in high risk areas, and to potentially get an early package under construction by November 2018. CMGC shares risks between CDOT and the contractor, which the most appropriate with the pavement risks.
File NORTH I-25 EXPRESS LANES from Johnstown to Fort Collins
August 2016. Region 4. Design Build was selected to be the preferred delivery method because CDOT wants to maximize scope for the available funds through the use of ARE’s. A design build project will allow contractors to compete to determine which team can give CDOT the most scope within our budget using innovative designs (Best Value).
File I-70G Edwards Spur Road Phase 2
CM/GC was selected as the optimal delivery selection method based on the opportunity to include the CM/GC in the design process and the ability to include the CM/GC input on design issues and overall constructability and cost.
Design-Build - Evaluation of the project finds that there is significant opportunity for innovative approaches to save cost, time of completion and to reduce motorist inconvenience. Design funds for the consultant are needed to complete the design and it was decided to run the delivery selection matrix before seeking funds for completion of a Design Bid Build package.
File US 34A MP 65 to MP 88 (Estes Park to Loveland)
File Bridge Replacement: SH 030A (F-17-GP)
Design Build (Streamlined) - This provides the opportunity for the Design Build Team to entertain several options that are innovative in both design and construction. The project should be designed and constructed in the shortest amount of time possible.
File US34 A (Bypass) Permanent Flood Repair Project
File I-70 Vail Underpass Project Delivery Decision Report
File RealAudio broadcast I-25 and Cimarron Street (US 24) Interchange in Colorado Springs
File Troff document US 6 Bridge over Garrison Street in Lakewood
Design-Build was chosen because of schedule, innovation, and early contractor integration.
File I-70 Eastbound Peak Period Shoulder Lane - I-70 west of Empire Junction to the Twin Tunnels east of Idaho Springs
CM/GC was rated most appropriate for the Primary Factors of Initial Risk Assessment and Level of Design Schedule.
File C-470 Corridor Managed Tolled Express Lanes, Segment 1, Kipling to I-25
Design-Build was chosen because it best supports the need for an accelerated schedule as construction proceeds in parallel with design.
File I‐25/Arapahoe Interchange Reconstruction
CM/GC will provide the opportunity for innovation while allowing the project team to maintain control of the project.
File I-70 Twin Tunnels WB Widening Risk Assessment and Project Delivery Selection
CM/GC was identified as most appropriate delivery method under the primary factors of Initial Risk Assessment, Schedule, Level of Design, Cost, Complexity, and Innovation.
I-25 Managed Lanes 120th to SH 7
File Lamar Reliever Route - US 287 at Lamar
Design-Bid-Build (DBB).
File RealAudio broadcast Sliding Bridges - R2
CM/GC - Contractor's input is necessary for means and methods to roll/slide the bridge.
File Grand Avenue Bridge - Glenwood Springs CO
CM/GC - Contractor's input is necessary. A lot of unknown risks, high profile, and a very complex project.
File object code I-70 Frontage – Colorado River – Dotsero (F-08-F)
CM/GC - Better risk mitigation and constructability.
File chemical/x-pdb Ilex Bridge Replacment - I-25 MP 97.888
Design-Build (D-B) - D-B Federal regulations allow the procurement of the Design-Builder before the ROD.
File I-70 Twin Tunnels - Interstate 70 between Mileposts 241 and 244.
CM/GC - Unknown risks that could not be quantified clearly, especially in the Pre-Construction phase.
File Troff document Pecos St over I‐70 Replacement of Structure E‐16‐FW
CM/GC - To benefit from contractor innovations and to retain more control by the owner on traffic phasing.
File I-70 Eagle
CM/GC - To develop and implement the most effective possible phasing of a complex project and to mitigate project risks more effectively.
File chemical/x-pdb I-70 Havana Bridge Replacement (Str. # E-17-JP)
Streamlined Design-Build (SDB) - Accelerated project delivery. Integration of designer and builder. Will help alleviate environmental and traffic maintenance complexities.
File US 50 Blue Creek Sand Dome, Project: NH 0502-072 / 19495
The Project Delivery Method is dependent on the amount of funding received.
File SH92 Stengel’s Hill Project Delivery Selection Matrix Meeting
The Streamlined Design-Build alternative was selected as the most appropriate method of project delivery, since it alone will meet the time-frame requirements set for this project.
File PDF document US 550-PDSM-Workshop.pdf
US 550/US 160 Connection - Project Delivery Selection Matrix
File North I-25 Segments 5 & 6 - SH 66 to SH 402 PDSM
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