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File PDF document Policy Memo 30 - Utilization of Law Enforcement in Work Zones
Issued on January 1, 2010. This memo sets the policy for the use of law enforcement services in COOT work zones.
File PDF document Policy Memo 29 - Mandatory "Safe and Effective Use of Law Enforcement Personnel in Work zones" Training
Issued on July 24, 2009. This memo provides awareness and guidance to law enforcement officers for their assigned roles in active work zones.
File PDF document Policy Memo 28 - Mandatory "Advanced Work Zone Management & Design" Training
Issued on July 24, 2009. By January 1, 2010, all COOT Designers who design traffic control plans for federal-aid projects must obtain a Certificate of Completion for the National Highway Institute (NHI) three­day Advanced Work Zone Management and Design course (NHI course #3800072).
File PDF document Policy Memo 27 - Construction Activity Stormwater Discharge Permit
Issued on March 14, 2012. (Supersedes the March 27, 2006 version). This memo describes the process to discharge stormwater off of construction activities in accordance with the conditions of the General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities.
File application/ms-word Transfer of Ownership Letter
Goes with Policy Memo 27. The purpose of this letter is to transfer the responsibilities for Terms and Conditions of the CDPS Stormwater Discharge Permit Associated with Construction Activities from the Resident Engineer in charge of the construction project to the Maintenance Superintendent.
File Policy Memo 24 - NPS Contract Usage Guidelines
Issued on July 7, 2013. (Supersedes the May 2, 2007 version). Guidelines for when NPS Contracts are to be used.
File Policy Memo 23 - Consultant Utilization for Design and Construction Engineering
Issued on August 1, 2007. This memo sets the policy for the use of consultant services for final design and construction management.
File Local Agency Waiver Request Approval Authority and Form
February 18, 2015. See "Division of Project Support Memo 2016-1". This form allows Local Agencies to request a waiver in order to use the same consultant for design and construction.
File PDF document Policy Memo 22 - Mandatory Traffic Control Supervisor Training
Issued on September 9, 2004. CDOT employees that work on construction projects must obtain a Certificate of Achievement of Completion by July of 2006.
File PDF document Policy Memo 18 - Pavement Preventive Maintenance Initiatives
Issued on October 15, 2003. This memo outlines the two Pavement Preventive Maintenance initiatives discussed at several RTD meetings.
File application/ms-word Policy Memo 12 - Consultant Accountability
Issued on December 23, 2002. Guidelines for consultant's design and construction plans to achieve statewide uniformity.
File PDF document Policy Memo 10 - Pavement Management Program Definition of a Matching Project
Issued on September 3, 2009. (Supersedes April 23, 2002 version). Recommendations for adjoining construction projects to be a match.
File PDF document Policy Memo 7 - Analysis of Surface Treatment Budgets and Essential Costs
Issued on February 14, 2006. (Supersedes the January 29, 2002 version). The purpose of this memorandum is to request ratification of essential items related to the completion of projects funded through the Surface Treatment Program.
File application/ms-word Policy Memo 6 - Pavement Management Decision Approval Process
Issued on September 10, 2001. The purpose of this memo is to ensure that the development and implementation of the Pavement Management System is consistent with Department’s policies and goals.

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