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M (Miscellaneous) - Standard Plans. July, 2012.

Welcome to the M-Standard (Miscellaneous) Plans page. The latest CDOT M & S Standard Plans Book was published on July, 2012.

2012 M&S Standards Book

M-Standard Plan Number Standard Plan Name (number of sheets if 2 or more) and description.
Application of Standard Plans

Instructions for the use of the M&S Standard Plans.

Table of Contents M&S Standards - Table of Contents
M-100-1 Standard Symbols (3 Sheets) - Symbols, line types, and patterns for plan sheets.
M-100-2 Acronyms and Abbreviations (4 sheets) - Acronyms and abbreviations that may be used in plan sheets.
M-203-1 Approach Roads - Approach road and median cross over geometry. (Revised on July 08, 2013.)
M-203-2 Ditch Types - Plan view, concrete-lined and grass-lined sections, cut and embankment sections.
M-203-11 Superelevation Crowned and Divided Highways (3 Sheets) - Superelevation rates and runout.
M-203-12 Superelevation Streets (2 Sheets) - Superelevation rates and runout diagrams.
M-206-1 Excavation and Backfill for Structures (2 Sheets) - Excavation, backfill, embankment, bedding.
M-206-2 Excavation and Backfill for Bridges (2 Sheets) - Structure excavation and structure backfill.
M-208-1 Temporary Erosion Control (12 Sheets) - Typical applications for erosion control features.
M-210-1 Mailbox Supports (2 Sheets) - Details for several different installations, mailbox turnouts.
M-214-1 Planting Details - Details for planting trees and shrubbery.
M-412-1 Concrete Pavement Joints (5 Sheets) - Joint and dowel bar placement for concrete roadways. (Revised on July 24, 2012.)
M-510-1 Structural Plate Pipe H-20 Loading - Structural plate pipe H-20 loading tables.
M-601-1 Single Concrete Box Culvert (2 Sheets) - Single cell concrete box culvert details and tables. (Revised on August 27, 2013.)
M-601-2 Double Concrete Box Culvert (2 Sheets) - Double cell concrete box culvert details and tables. (Revised on August 27, 2013.)
M-601-3 Triple Concrete Box Culvert (2 Sheets) - Triple cell concrete box culvert details and tables. (Revised on August 27, 2013.)
M-601-10 Headwall for Pipes - Headwall quantity tables including connection to wingwalls.
M-601-11 Type "S" Saddle Headwalls for Pipe - Headwall quantity tables.
M-601-12 Headwalls and Pipe Outlet Paving - Headwall tables, and outlet paving for pipes 48" dia. or less.
M-601-20 Wingwalls for Pipe or Box Culverts - Tables for quantities, connections, toe wall, and apron.
M-603-1 Metal Pipe (4 Sheets) - Tables for metal pipes, including cover limits and bedding. (Revised on October 02, 2014.)
M-603-2 Reinforced Concrete Pipe - Tables for RCP including cover limits, and bedding requirements. (Revised on October 02, 2014.)
M-603-3 Precast Concrete Box Culvert - Installation of Precast CBCs, bedding, and joint requirements.
M-603-4 Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe (AASHTO M294) and Polypropylene Pipe (AASHTO M330) - Installation and cover height for corrugated polyethylene pipes. (Revised on October 02, 2014.)
M-603-5 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe (AASHTO M304) - Installation and cover height for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes. (Revised on October 02, 2014.)
M-603-10 Concrete and Metal End Sections (2 Sheets) - Tables for common pipe end sections.
M-604-10 Inlet, Type C - Inlet details for pipe 30 inches or less inside diameter.
M-604-11 Inlet, Type D - Inlet details for pipe 42 inches or less inside diameter.
M-604-12 Curb Inlet Type R (2 Sheets) - Inlet details with quantity tables and rebar bending diagrams.
M-604-13 Concrete Inlet Type 13 - Drop inlet for gutter pans.
M-604-20 Manholes (3 Sheets) - Cast-in-place, pre-cast, and T-base manhole details.
M-604-25 Vane Grate Inlet (5 Sheets) - Rebar details and quantity tables for 36 inch and 72 inch inlets.
M-605-1 Subsurface Drains - Details of different applications.
M-606-1 Guardrail Type 3 W-Beam (19 Sheets) - Placement, installation, materials, and specifications. (Revised on October 27, 2014.)
M-606-13 Guardrail Type 7 F-Shape Barrier (4 Sheets) - Details for F-shape concrete barrier. (Revised on August 30, 2013.)
M-606-14 Precast Type 7 Concrete Barrier (3 Sheets) - Details of rebar, and pin and loop connection.
M-607-1 Wire Fences and Gates (3 Sheets) - Barbed or combination wire fence, wood or metal posts.
M-607-2 Chain Link Fence (3 Sheets) - Fence and gate details with material and hardware details.
M-607-3 Barrier Fence - Barrier fence with steel post details.
M-607-4 Deer Fence and Gates (3 Sheets) - Game fence materials specifications and gate detail.
M-607-10 Picket Snow Fence - Picket snow fence with steel post details.
M-607-15 Road Closure Gate (9 Sheets) - Hardware specifics and placement of gates on highways.
M-608-1 Curb Ramps (7 Sheets) - Plan, elevation, and section views. Details for detectable warnings. (Revised on June 16, 2014.)
M-609-1 Curbs, Gutters, and Sidewalks (4 Sheets) - Details for expansion joints and driveway entrances. (Revised on July 24, 2012.)
M-611-1 Cattle Guard (2 Sheets) - Cattle guard with steel and timber wing details.
M-613-1 Roadway Lighting (4 Sheets) - Details of light standards, foundation, wiring, control cabinets.
M-614-1 Rumble Strips (3 Sheets) - Temporary and permanent use for shoulders, lanes, and centerlines.
M-614-2 Sand Barrel Arrays (2 Sheets) - Layouts for design speeds to 75 mph including weights.
M-615-1 Embankment Protector Type 3 - Slope run-down using flexible pipe and paved apron.
M-615-2 Embankment Protector Type 5 - Slope run-down using slope paving and paved apron.
M-616-1 Inverted Siphon - Concrete siphon pipe with trash guard, valve box, and drain details.
M-620-1 Field Laboratory Class 1 - 8' x 26' Field Laboratory.
M-620-2 Field Laboratory Class 2 - 12' x 28' Field Laboratory.
M-620-11 Field Office Class 1 - 8' x 26' Field Office.
M-620-12 Field Office Class 2 - 12' x 50' Field Office.
M-629-1 Survey Monuments (2 Sheets) - Monument application table and monument cap details.
Project Special Details
FHWA Approval Letters
Design Aids
CDOT Form 1300 - Submittal of New or Revised Standard Plan or Project Special Detail: Word.doc or Acrobat.pdf

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