About Us

The Engineering Applications team supports a variety of software (e.g., AASHTOWare, Project Bids, etc.) that helps to manage over $800 million-$1.2 billion in projects annually.  From cost estimation to materials management and more, CDOT and contractors use these solutions to manage information throughout the entire contract and construction cycle. The software that we use is built to help CDOT comply with Federal Highway Administration regulations and AASHTO standards and industry best practices. The software suite:

  • Helps prioritize where and how funds should be spent.
  • Facilitates rapid creation of reports.
  • Enables prompt payments to the federal government and contractors and faster receipt of federal funds.
  • Provides consistency through changes in state leadership

We can be reached at:

CDOT Engineering Software Applications Support
2829 West Howard Pl
Denver, CO  80204
[email protected]