CDOT Bridge Geometry

Bridge Geometry is structural engineering software that analyses the three dimensional geometry of steel girders and produces reports.

Bridge Geometry consists of a number of modules.  There is an input file editor, Bridge Geometry Metric and English versions, and the post processors that run Camber, Stick Figure, and Project Coordinates.  Bridge Geometry is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. 


Installing Bridge Geometry

    Bridge Geometry is available from the Engineering Applications Download Area. The minimum system requirements and installation instructions are provided on the download page.


   Bridge Geometry has help files in the editor, a user guide on how to run the geometry executables and post processors in DOS (Readme.dos), and the metric manual is available from the following Links: 

                   Metric Bridge Geometry User's Manual

                   Bridge Geometry Project Coordinate Converter

Copyright and Disclaimer

    Bridge Geometry is a copyrighted product of the Colorado Department of Transportation, and as such all rights are reserved.
(© Copyright 2000-2010, Colorado Department of Transportation.  All rights reserved )

    This version of CDOT Bridge Geometry has been rigorously tested and has shown good results under all circumstances for which it was intended. However; the Department of Transportation, State of Colorado, make no warranty expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of the results or the suitability of the program to any particular purpose. It is the users sole responsibility to satisfy themselves that the software is suitable for the purposes for which it is intended.