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eConstruction Pilot Overview


CDOT is preparing to pilot several eConstruction apps and mobile devices in the next few months.  A variety of apps will be tested in the field on new construction projects which includes site inspection (e.g., daily work reports), blueprint markup and sharing, PDF file editing, project management, and an ADA inventory app. The selection of these solutions was based on a set of key criteria and requirements for maximum operational efficiency, cost savings, and to advance CDOT's vision to be "the best DOT in the country."

If you have a question about our eConstruction initiatives, please contact us at [email protected].

Pilot Projects

The following projects and personnel have graciously volunteered to be part of the pilot:

  • Project 19626 - I-25 Widening 120th Avenue to SH 7
  • Project 20182 - Region 1 Various Signal Controller Replacements
  • Project 20318 - 6th Avenue Overlay – Potomac to Airport
  • Project 20910 - US 160 Overlay, Deck Resurfacing & Other Work
  • Project 20801 - US 50 Blue Mesa Resurfacing & Bridge Rehabs
  • Project 21035 - I-70B North Avenue Interchange - Various
  • Project 20155 - US 160 South Fork to Monte Vista Chip Seal/Ramps
  • Project 20255 - US 6 Sterling Concrete Paving & Bridge Rehab
  • Project 20845 - US 85 Resurfacing, Concrete Intersections & Signals
  • Project 20911 - Baseline Project - US 24 Constitution to Garrett Westbound
  • Project 21537 - Sign Structure & Panel Installation – Metro Area
  • Project 21539 - Replacement of Sign Panels & Removal Sign Lighting
  • Project 21184 - SH 83 Lighting & Construction Dayton to Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What is eConstruction?

e-Construction is the collection, review, approval, and distribution of highway construction contract documents in a paperless environment.  Benefits include:

  • Electronically capturing construction data
  • Electronic submission of all construction documentation
  • Increased automation of document review & approval
  • Secure document and workflow management accessible to all stakeholders on any device

2.  Why is CDOT testing eConstruction with tablets?

The portability of tablets installed with proven software applications enables real-time gathering of data and images which will improve operational efficiency, promote governance, and enhance cost savings.

3.  What is the role of contractors and subcontractors on these pilot projects?

Contractors and subcontractors working on the earmarked pilot projects will not need to do anything outside the scope of their responsibility.  CDOT simply wants to apprise contractors and subcontractors of the existence of the pilot and the targeted projects on which new software applications will be tested by CDOT team members.

4.  Which apps are included in the pilot?

A field inspection program (HeadLight), blueprint mark-up and sharing apps (PlanGrid, Bluebeam, Open Roads Navigator, and Fieldlens), and an ADA asset inventory application are of special interest.  CDOT is also considering testing other construction apps in the pilot program.

5.  When will the pilot testing begin?

Testing is scheduled to begin in early June 2017 concurrent with the start of several new construction projects.

6.  Who is performing the testing?

Volunteers from all five Regions of CDOT have been selected to test, compare, and document functionality of the apps.    A CDOT Quality Control panel is being gathered to oversee efforts and provide feedback.

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