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NEW CDOT Access Request Process

If you are new to CDOT and/or you need access to SiteManager, you must first complete the CDOT Application Access Request online, accessed through the [email protected].

CDOT Access Request Form

SiteManager Training Manual

A 175 page manual that will walk you through everything you need to know about SiteManager - with student exercises.

SiteManager Condensed User Guide

The condensed user guide contains CDOT specific business requirements in blue sideline columns and screenshots and step by step instructions provide simple navigation steps for completing all mandatory fields and processes.
The guide follows basic construction pay item documentation from creating subcontract records, stockpile records and Daily Work Reports, through generating Pay Estimates and creating and approving Change Orders.

205B Instructions

How to fill out form 205B in SiteManager.

Projected Quantities:  Overs and Unders Report

How to use SiteManager Accessories Contract Projected Quantities Report (Overs and Unders Report).

Obsoleted Pay Items List

This is a list of pay items that have been obsoleted.

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