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Final Settlement ER R400-326

PROJECT ER R400-326 

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In accordance with the notice provisions contained in 38‑26‑107 C.R.S. 1973 as amended, the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, STATE OF COLORADO has established February 3, 2020 as the date of final settlement with Zak Dirt., in Boulder and Weld Counties.  Scour repair at 5 sites with 6 structures, removal of numerous items including slope and ditch paving, riprap and fencing, unclassified excavation, embankment (complete in place), structure excavation, structure backfill, placement of riprap and soil riprap, concrete slope and ditch paving, fencing, landscaping, seeding/mulching, erosion control, and traffic control.

Claims containing a verified statement of the amounts due and unpaid must be in the form of a written affidavit and must be received by the CONTROLLER, Department of Transportation at 2829 W. Howard Place, Denver, Colorado, 80204, on or before 5:00 p.m. of the final settlement date above.

Effective July 1, 2013, Colorado Department of Transportation will no longer advertise Notice of Final Settlements in newspapers and will only post Notice of Final Settlement advertisements on CDOT’s website (

Stephen Harelson, P.E., Chief Engineer, Department of Transportation.

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