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Everyone, Every Day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, To Benefit Every Customer
At CDOT, we are improving our operations so we can deliver excellent services and products to all our customers. We are working to engage everyone, every day at CDOT to make government services more effective, efficient and elegant. This is crucial for fulfilling CDOT's Mission:
"To provide the best multi-modal transportation system for Colorado that most effectively and safely moves people, goods, and information"
One of CDOT's top six multi-year priorities is to "improve business processes for better customer service and efficiency." However, that improvement does not happen magically; it requires focusing on key issues and working systematically to resolve those issues. To do that, CDOT applies continuous improvement tools and techniques, many of which were pioneered in the private sector. This includes the principles and practices of Lean process improvement.

How We Improve Processes, Product & Services

There are several different avenues CDOT employees use to improve processes, products and services, including:
  • Cross-functional improvement.
    Some of our improvement efforts focus on larger, cross-functional processes, which we sometimes call "Global Lean" projects.
  • Everyday Lean Improvement.
    While some of our improvements are larger, cross-functional projects, many improvements at CDOT are more localized—with individuals or small teams of people improving the processes, products and services within their own functions and workgroups, every day!
  • Everyday Ideas.
    Everyone at CDOT is encouraged to identify opportunities to make improvements to their workplaces and work processes, every day. These Lean Everyday Ideas (LEI) are innovations and ideas where one person (or a small group of people) will:
    1. Identify a problem or opportunity;
    2. Develop an innovative way of doing something better to solve that problem or seize upon that opportunity;
    3. Test that innovative way, to make sure it works well; and
    4. Implement it, and let others know about it so that they can "borrow" and implement the innovation, too!
These innovations and ideas are the embodiment of "Everyone, Every Day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, To Benefit Every Customer." 

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