Larger Innovation & Improvement Efforts

Innovation Videos

Innovation Testimonials

"Staff across the Colorado Department of Transportation work to improve processes and services to the traveling public. CDOT’s statewide innovation system, Lean Everyday Ideas, help’s to support innovation through encouragement and education. This video summarizes how several innovators are working to improve CDOT's products and services!"

2D Hydraulics

"Brian Varella, a CDOT Professional Engineer, brought 2D hydraulic modeling to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). This modeling tool provides engineers a sophisticated understanding of how waterways affect roadways. Varella’s innovation has saved Colorado millions of dollars while improving safety."

T-Post Puller

"Watch this video to find out how the Colorado Department of Transportation's Todd Natale created a T-Post Puller to help his fellow CDOTers use more efficient practices. Tearing out these T-Posts is labor-intensive and time-consuming."

Fuel Pin

"State Fuels Coordinator Bill Hougland improved the Colorado Department of Transportation’s fuel tracking process by upgrading from printed receipts to a fuel PIN system. Watch the video to find out more about how Hougland's innovation saves CDOT thousands in printing and labor costs each year."