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Everyone at CDOT is encouraged to identify opportunities to make improvements to their workplaces and work processes, every day. These Lean Everyday Ideas (LEI) are innovations and improvements where one person (or a small group of people) will: identify a problem or opportunity; develop an innovative way of doing something better to solve that problem or seize upon that opportunity; implement the improvement, and let others know about it so that they can "borrow" the innovation, too! These innovations and ideas are the embodiment of "everyone, every day, improving every process and every product, to benefit every customer." 

In 2018, the LEI Program was named a Top 25 program for the Innovation in American Government Award by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University! Also, in 2020, the LEI Program was named the winner of the Inspiring Workplaces Awards by the Inspiring Workplaces Group!

In January of 2021 Kelly Hanson, Mark Eike and Gary Vansuch had the opportunity to present on Lean Everyday Ideas (LEI) at the Global Workspace Inspirathon and their presentation is shown below. 

top 25 award
Thank you, innovators! 
The Lean Everyday Ideas Program was named a Top 25 program for the 2018 Innovation in American Government Award by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University!
Inspiring Workplaces Award 2020 North American WinnerContinuing to Innovate and Inspire! 
The Lean Everyday Ideas Program was also named the winner of the Inspiring Workplaces Awards for 2020! Way to go CDOT!



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In our efforts to improve safety and customer service while reducing waste, we thank you for taking the time to share your implemented solutions here. 


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Thank you for improving CDOT!
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The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)’s Office of Process Improvement’s (OPI)’s Lean Everyday Idea (LEI) program has successfully implemented over 354 ideas since its inception in 2013. Anyone, internal or external, can view and borrow these great ideas by going to the Idea Cards site. Many folks within CDOT are not aware of this great resource. And, we want to change that! 

The goal of the innovation series is to spread these great ideas across the state in order to promote and encourage innovation. The Office of Process Improvement (OPI) will be releasing 5-7 minute videos highlighting LEI innovations in maintenance, engineering, and construction. Tune in and learn about your colleagues’ innovations, how they have benefited CDOT, and what inspired them to come up with this improvement. One of these innovations may improve your job or encourage you to share your own ideas! 

Sharing Innovation Success in Engineering and Construction

We will be launching our new series, Sharing Innovation Success in Engineering and Construction, this winter. Eight engineering and construction innovations will be showcased every two weeks starting the second week of February. Stay tuned to find out about these innovations.

Summer of Spreading Innovation Success

This series ran from July to October 2020 and highlighted nine maintenance innovations. Learn about JOMA blades, culvert wheels, wing carts, plow shields, equipment rust-prevention coating, plow operations training, increasing de-icer flow, lube spouts, and 3D printers. See if you can use these in your work!