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"Peak Performance" Key to Understanding How Our Innovations Affect Others Page
Your Front Line: An Untapped Power House of Improvement Potential Link
Summary of “The Idea-Driven Organization: Unlocking the Power in Bottom-Up Ideas” Page
Making Employee Ideas the Strategic Driver of Your Lean Organization Link
File Manager's Quick Start Guide for Engaging Employees Through "Everyday Ideas" File
Ideas are Free: How the Idea Revolution is Liberating People and Transforming Organizations Page
What's Lean Page
Manager’s Quick Start Guide for Engaging Employees Through “Everyday Ideas” Page
Image Troff document PDCA checking process Check and Adjust Image
Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) Page
Image Lean RIE transformation Image
Lean Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) Page
Image PDCA cycle Image
Assessment Page
Process Mapping (Process Flowcharting Guide) Page
Image begin.JPG Image
Image box arrow.JPG Image
Image connect arrows.JPG Image
Image delay.JPG Image
Image details.JPG Image
Image function.JPG Image
Image functional areas.JPG Image
Image inspect.JPG Image
Image jagged arrow.JPG Image
Image macro level.JPG Image
Image single arrow.JPG Image
Image store.JPG Image
Image task.JPG Image
Image lean simulation Image
15-Minute Lean Simulation Page
Image SIPOC-R Image
SIPOC-Reference Guide Page
Image image/x-jg FIT flowchart Image
Form Improvement Tool (FIT) Page
Image image/x-jg PICK chart Image
PICK (Possible-Implement-Challenge-Kill) Charts Page
Output, Customer and Process Metrics Page
Lean A3 Problem solving process Page
Lean Project Charter with Guidelines Page
6S method Page
Image suggestion Image
Image borrow Image
Image innovate Image
Image 6s-method Image
The Business Case for Lean Process Improvement Page
images Folder
Manager's Quick Start Guide to Local Process Improvement Page
solve guide Folder
documents Folder
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