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Find the Silver Lining: How Change Management Benefited the Business Office Swap

By Laura Parsons, Process Improvement Intern
Feb. 26, 2018

Northeast Colorado Office

Region 4 Headquarter


Bryan Schafer

Moving is one of life's most stressful events; the planning is meticulous and the packing exhausting. Understandably, when CDOT staff members in its Greeley business office learned they would be switching work locations with those in a program one floor below, the team was less than thrilled. Settled and comfortable with ample natural lighting on the second floor, relocating to the ground floor lacked appeal.

Determined to help his team identify the benefits of the move, employee Bryan Schafer used change management methods to turn to ensure a successful transition.

Integrating Change Management into Project Management

  1. Schafer began by building awareness about the swap and why it was necessary. First, Schafer helped his team be empathetic by pointing out that the swap would unite the other team, whose members had been working on separate floors. Schafer noted, "We would appreciate [the team] swapping offices if we were split between floors."
  2. Schafer also noted how his own department would benefit. The new office was closer to the break room and on the same floor as their primary customers: maintenance and traffic team employees. This would eliminate the need to climb flights of stairs to meet with them.
  3. Schafer met with his team weekly and with the entire unit monthly. Meetings provided a platform for questions, relayed important timelines for packing and promoted collaborative group communication for the transition.

These steps paid off as once-resistant team members turned into the transition's supporters. Open channels of communication and information had the team prepared to move ahead of schedule. Due to some unplanned changes just days before the movers were scheduled to be on site, Schafer's team collaborated to make the move on their own.

Next Steps

Schafer and his team continue to use open channels of communication and open collaboration to address concerns, when or if they arise. He emphasizes the importance of identifying change benefits over the negative impacts of change. If change is occurring, how teams address that change is key to their success.

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