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Information is Power: How Change Management Benefited Zonar Implementation

by Laura Parsons, Process Improvement Intern
March 13, 2018

CDOT's Greeley Office

Region 4 Headquarter


Eddie Gentry

After discovering fuel receipts saved from 1962, CDOT Area Maintenance Manager Eddie Gentry decided it was time to reduce office clutter—including old manuals, paperwork, and assorted items found on the road—in CDOT's Northeast Colorado workspace.

Not wanting to force his team to throw away items, Gentry attended a three-day change management course to gain skills on how to approach his colleagues about the benefits of reducing clutter. By applying the awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement (ADKAR) step to his project, Gentry transformed the clutter reduction project into a group effort instead of a mandate.

awareness of the need for change
desire to support the change
knowledge of how to change
ability to demonstrate skills & behaviors
reinforcement to make the change stick

Integrating Change Management into Project Management

More recently, Gentry applied change management to the Zonar project, which incorporated two initiatives: one for tracking fuel purchases and mileage, and a second initiative for exchanging data between vehicles and the control center.

After Gentry's team voiced concerns about "Big Brother" tracking their work, he used ADKAR to build awareness about the initiative's true goals. This, in turn, reassured his team, discouraging resistance. Additionally, he focused on how Zonar could benefit CDOT crews by focusing on what was in it for his team.

Gentry noted that Zonar could protect crews against potential speeding accusations and quickly provide answers to citizens seeking plow locations.

Next Steps

Gentry plans to continue using change management to inform his team of upcoming projects affecting their work environment. Seeing the benefits of two-way channels of communication with staff, he believes employees' overall employee satisfaction has increased.

He also sees the need for earlier communication. Gentry intends on continuing to participate in CDOT's Change Agent Network to provide current information to his team, and listen to and address concerns when they arise. Change management empowers employees to voice concerns, acquire needed information and build any new skills necessary to be successful.

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