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Informational 5: How do I start process improvement: Quick-Start Guides

At CDOT, we are working to have " Everyone, Every Day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, To Benefit Every Customer" . We encourage everyone to get involved in improving business processes for better customer service and efficiency. 
Managers lead the effort for getting everyone to become engaged in improving processes. The "Quick Start" Guides below are intended to help managers do this.

Where to Start, Part 1: Manager's Quick Start Guide for Engaging Employees Through "Everyday Ideas"
A primary way to start process improvement is to engage employees in developing and implementing ideas and innovations within their own work processes and workplaces. Ideas can be discovered, assessed, implemented and enjoyed by even the smallest groups, without the need for large teams or overhead.  This Quick Start Guide helps managers begin the process of getting ideas for improvement "on the table" and engaging people in implementing those ideas.

Where to Start, Part 2: Manager's Quick Start Guide for Performance and Process Measurement
Another key way to start process improvement is to measure the performance of processes.   This Quick Start Guide helps Executives, Managers and Leadership Teams identify key organizational performance and process measures. These measures can help Managers monitor processes and identify when those processes are not performing as well as needed. This, in turn helps,  will help those Managers identify areas where process improvement is needed.

Manager's Quick Start Guide to Local Process Improvement
This Quick Start Guide is intended to help Managers organize efforts to improve the performance of the processes within their organizations.

Manager's Quick Start Guide for Communicating about Change
This Quick Start Guide is intended to help Executives and Managers be effective in leading during times of change. This Guide focuses on communicating with employees about changes from process improvement projects and/or other initiatives.

Local Lean Improvement Project Selection Assessment
With this quick assessment, you can pinpoint opportunities for using Lean methods and tools to improve your operation ​​(courtesy of the ​Ohio Department of ​Transportation (ODOT) and LeanOhio)​.

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