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Specification Assembly Tool

Specification Assembly Tool Improves Accuracy, Saves from 1 to 3 Staff-Days of Work Per Project

Tracy Nguyen, Process Improvement Intern
Posted: June 16, 2014
Updated: August 14, 2018

What the innovation is

The Project Specifications Assembly Tool (PSAT) is two-part package that automates the assembly of the Project Special Provisions (PSPs) and the Index of Standard Special Provisions into a complete Specification Package. This tool offers the opportunity for increased efficiency and accuracy when preparing and creating project specifications.   Depending upon the number of specifications, this tool can reduce the amount of time needed to assemble the specifications from 1 to 3 staff-days of work per project to just a few minutes.  If fully utilized, this tool has the opportunity to save between $70,000 and $200,000 per year in staff time if it is completely implemented in all CDOT engineering groups.

The Project Specification Assembly Tool uses two programs: “SpecialSpecs” and “Standard Special Provisions Index” which can be downloaded at the Project Specification Assembly Tool Website. With this tool, project designers can easily assemble up-to-date PSPs and generate the Standard Special Provisions Index.

Detailed operating instructions provided in the  Project Specification Assembly Tool Website are available.

Due to information security issues, the Project Specification Assembly Tool can only be used by CDOT employees at the current time (June 2014); however, the use of the tool will be extended to CDOT engineering consultants in the near future.

Key Benefits

IMPROVES ACCURACY AND SAVES TIME --- The development of this tool employs several Lean principles, including 1) using automation to speed up repetitive tasks, 2) reducing delays and confusion caused by errors, and 3) standardizing work. Using this tool, project designers reduce errors that often arise from copying, pasting and editing old project worksheets. PSAT will be updated and hosted by the CDOT Standards and Specifications Group, which will ensure the most current specifications are always being referenced.

Additionally, this tool significantly improves staff efficiency since the designer uses the tool to generate an entire specifications package in only a few minutes For each project, the use of this tool saves from $350 to $1,000 of designer staff time –-- time that can now be used for other important project-related tasks.  Since CDOT has approximately 200 new Projects per year, the use of this tool has the potential to save between $70,000 and $200,000 of staff time per year.

Idea/Innovation developed by Jack Thorpe (EIT-II) and Dole Grebenik (PE-II), Centennial Residency, Region 1.

Project Special Provisions Entry Form

The Project Special Provisions Entry Form window should appear on your screen.

Select a project type

Fill in the Project Special Provisions Entry Form with your project information such as the Project Number, Project Code/Sub Account, Project Ad Date, and Project Description.

select Special Provisions

In the List of Project Special Provisions and the List of Standard Special Provisions scroll through each listing and hold the keys (similar to other Windows programs) and then click the multiple provisions and revisions that are applicable to your project so they are highlighted in blue.

click ok

Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the form window once all your project information and items are selected. The form will close and display all your input in the main document.