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An Employee Suggestion Success Story: Carpooling to CDOT Trainings

Vivian Engen, Process Improvement Intern

December 21, 2018

On November 15, 2018, Andi Staley, a Professional Engineer II from Grand Junction submitted a suggestion to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Lean Everyday Ideas program. Her suggestion identified a pain point that she’d encountered while attending CDOT trainings. This is the problem she identified: “Multiple people who work or live near each other traveling to training separately.” Her suggestion to solve the problem was to allow training registrants to view who else is registered for the same class so that they can coordinate carpooling prior to the training session. Her thought was to change the access or data visible to training registrants on LMS so that people who work or live near each other can make plans to carpool before the session.

On November 28, 2018, the Lean Everyday Ideas team facilitated an email conversation between Andi and Anjanette Sagona, the chosen subject matter expert who could talk about the feasibility of implementing this suggestion at CDOT.

Check out the roadmap below to follow the journey of Andi’s suggestion:


If you are driving and want to find out if anyone from your area is also going to the same class or training. You can email your instructor to get a copy of the roster to reach out to your classmates and coordinate rides.
Carpool & Ride Coordination

How do you find this information?

  1. Go to CDOT's SAP Learning Management System (LMS) (interns and Temporary Employees: use this SAP Portal link.)
  2. Log in with your SAP Portal user ID and password (Note: Same login as your CDOT computer or device).
  3. Once you're in the LMS, the "My Learning Assignments" title will have all the courses you've registered for or assigned to yourself. Browse your list and click on the course title you want to find a carpool for. This will load your course description and information.
  4. Click View Registration at the bottom of the course description, which will load more information. Click View Details which will show you who your instructor is. You can email them ([email protected]) to get the class roster information to see if anyone from your area is on your route.

Within one month of Andi submitting her suggestion to improve carpooling option for CDOT employees to trainings, her idea was fully implemented and live on CDOT’s Learning Lane website. Once the suggestion was implemented, the Lean Everyday Ideas team also created an idea card to highlight the improvement. Check out Andi’s implemented idea and others here.