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State of Colorado Lean Website

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Colorado's Lean program, initiated in 201, by Governor Johh Hickenlooper to help make Colorado state government more effective, efficient, and customer-centric, demonstrates how a customer-focused culture is not only possible but also succeeds in the public sector. CDOT's Improvement and Innovation initiative is part of this statewide effort.

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Denver Peak Academy


Denver Peak Academy aims to make government fun, innovative, and empowering to citizens and employees. We are accomplishing this one innovation at a time! Peak Academy trains city employees at all levels on the principles of “Lean,” which teaches how to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and ultimately create a higher standard of government. Through Peak Academy, trainees learn techniques and strategies for implementing Peak Performance throughout their department, taking personal investment in the city’s continuous improvement initiatives.

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Minnesota - Office of Continuous Improvement


The Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement (MNCI) is the State's central office for Continuous Improvement (CI), supporting the CI efforts of the 24 cabinet-level executive branch agencies. Our mission is to improve Minnesota state government services every day by solving problems that change lives. We do this by leading and supporting our State government agencies as they build a culture of CI and capacity for implementing CI projects in their day-to-day business practices. We use time-tested CI tools and methodologies, including Lean, Six Sigma, Human-centered Design, and more to empower employees and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government services for Minnesotans.

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Lean Ohio


The mission of Lean Ohio is to make government services in Ohio simpler, faster, better, and less costly. Using the improvement methods of Lean and Six Sigma, Ohio's state agencies are cutting red tape, removing inefficiencies, improving customer service, and achieving measurable results.

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California Department of Transportation's (CalTrans) Office of Innovation


In the Office of Innovation, we are in the business of inspiring innovative thinking while adding value throughout Caltrans. We take a collaborative approach to connecting inventive solutions to business processes, programs, and services throughout the organization, while managing Caltrans intellectual assets.

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Innovations and Efficiencies at the Utah Department of Transportation


UDOT continually seeks to innovate and make the most of taxpayer dollars with new and improved technologies, equipment, infrastructure, work process and more.

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Utah - Governor's Office of Management and Budget


In August 2012, Governor Herbert reorganized and re-titled the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget as the Governor's Office of Management and Budget (GOMB). The office was established to make Utah more efficient in the way it does business and allocates scarce resources.

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2018 Ops Conference

Nebraska - Center of Operational Excellence


The COE serves as the training center for continuous process improvement across all state agencies. It currently certifies White, Yellow, and Green Belts in Lean Six Sigma to those looking to engage in process improvement. Its goal is to help agencies simplify processes, resulting in a more effective, efficient, and customer-focused government. The COE has recently created and opened its Kaizen room, located in the State Capitol. It is used for training events and process improvement meetings.

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Arizona Management System


The Arizona management system is based on principles of Lean, a proven people-centered approach that has delivered effective results in both public and private sectors. Lean focuses on customer value, continuous improvement and engaged employees to improve productivity, quality and service.

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Results Washington

Results Washington

Getting results that matter to Washingtonians. A Working Washington built on education and innovation … where all Washingtonians thrive.


  • Foster the spirit of continuous improvement
  • Enhance the conditions for job creation
  • Prepare students for the future
  • Value our environment, our health and our people


  • Create a responsive, innovative and data driven culture of continuous improvement.
  • Recognize Washington’s rich natural resources, diverse people and entrepreneurial drive, and build upon our legacy.
  • Operate state government with the expectation that success is dependent on the success of all.
  • Create effective communication and transparency on goals, measures and progress in meeting expectations.
  • Deepen our focus, understanding and commitment to our citizens: Know our customers.

Measure & Improve

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